!!!... A BeAuTifUl PoEm fOr MoM ...!!!

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I picked up all debris in their hearts to carry on
Try to pair again shelves her hand bleeding.
Each long night of pain
The full form of evil soup patched onto the lesions.

But +Mom's
Even though I try how they still choose the path
Has all of Except you there.
Them to wear his heart open
For some of the pain on, for she poisoned by fins.

I'm tired now to do?
How to choose between holding-let go without pain to the man?
What to do veil +LOVE where you ...
Them from the busy pleasing?

+MOM's ...
How do you take off remember looking forward
Buried in the deep for mi go wet melancholy?
Never knew there were
While bigotry isn't letting go of hurt themselves.

I have to do to ...
Strong to give up an affair?

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