We all strive to be happy. Happiness is measured in different ways by us all. Some are happy while shopping, some like talking with friends. Some like partying and some like silence and some like watching TV or movies or like me, like traveling.

Whatever makes us happy, do it. When happiness is sacrificed, the mind becomes agitated and anger bursts forth. It arises from unfulfilled desires. Those who are accustomed to being supported for unreasonable behavior are usually upset when things go wrong. These are the people who show anger tantrums. They should remember that such behavior reflects their immaturity. Only patient people can co habitat with such people.

The way to reform is to calm the mind and make it understand that all things are not perfect. They can go wrong. The success mantra is to adjust with life and its unexplained mysteries and surprises. Here, I find that people who have suffered early in life are more mature than the spoilt brat types. - (please excuse me for such words)

Good day to all


written for another site but deleted from there

image source : deepa