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Being far away from home on the special days are really hard, especially when all your heart is with your family thousand miles away, you have your exams and don’t have time even to talk to them …uhhhh

It was the difficult times for me and my friends back there in India, in every Eid or NEW YEAR we had our exams or few days were left for the terminal examination …we couldn’t celebrate, the only thing we could do was just congratulating each other and reminding our Eid memories for a few minutes and then everyone was compel to go back for covering their lessons and preparing for the final tests.

However, Time has been passed and all that difficulties with all it’s joyous, happiness, sorrow, ups and downs has passed and has changed to memories …all those tensions and stress are now only a memory but the very important point in passing time is that we have to learn from each and every moments of our life.

I read somewhere “There are no mistakes in life but only lessons” each of us have to try to get the lessons of each and every moments of our life and implement it in our life because life is not about finding yourself, it is all about making yourself

Last Eid was my first Eid with my family and friends in Afghanistan after many years and indeed was one of the best one. I had the best moments of my life as I saw every individual in my country with smiley face with a hope in their eyes, everywhere was filled with a laughter and happiness, people had their new clothes, streets was very rush, everyone was busy going to their friends and family’s home

For me seeing all those happiness and laughter of the city, gave me the wings I was really flying in the sky of prosperity and I hope further success and development  with peace and security in my country.






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