A fight erupted

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11:00 in the evening, my mom decided to help my uncle Manny in washing their clothes when this drunk guy decided to just waltz in and make trouble. He badmouthed my uncles wife and said that "If it wasn't for your policeman son I could punch you right now". My uncle flew in rage the drunk guy was the one who attacked first, my mom was just stopping the fight and she got hit instead. Things escalated my mom got angry, the guy even hit my little nephew in his stroller so things really went sour after. All I could see was punching everywhere my mom and uncle can't be stopped so was the  drunk guy even when the neighborhood tanods were stopping the fight. It ensued with some of the relatives of the drunk guy appeared, they pushed my mom and pulled her hair, I looked at the left and there it was suddenly my uncle was exchanging blows with a tall muscular man with a white t-shirt , must be the driver but he punched my uncle shattering his glasses, angrily, my uncle went inside his house and took out his machete, we had to calm him down just to make him hide it. Well an hour passed my cousin called the police but the drunk guy that caused it ran. I think the barangay is partly to blame also because they are the ones who launched the ordinance saying that drinking liquor is prohibited yet they are the ones who are scared to implement it. But for what I say is the reason, well truth be told it is either that they are scared to stop it it or they are in cahoots with the ones at fault. Morning passed my mother and my uncle filed against that guy with child abuse because he just just my nephew

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