A Formal Introduction

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How to start a formal introduction blog? I'm not too sure. Do I just say "Hi my name is Shane McCarthy blah blah blah." That just seems awkward. I planned on posting a blog detailing the recent seminar I attended with the world renowned Xande Ribiero. But who is that? How do you even say that name?! Why was I there? Why would that matter to anyone? In order for anything I post to have any merit there must be context or a reference to who I am and why anything I say would have merit. 

So yeh, My name is Shane McCarthy. I am a 25 year old full time student, employee, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu player. To be honest the only part that matters or sets me apart from the average person is BJJ. It is my passion and what most of my time is dedicated towards, everything else is secondary. Just ask my girlfriend. I have been training for about 4 years and have reached the level of purple belt. In the grand scheme of BJJ that pretty much makes me a nobody, but I am the toughest guy in my gym. Kind of. Well, actually a few guys beat me up all the time. Yeh, honestly I am a nobody, but the martial art has changed my life and I am here to blog about anything and everything Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu related. Whether it be the latest tournament results, any upcoming seminars, expos, the latest thing Keenan Cornelius did. (another guy you might not know) 

Hopefully you enjoy some of my musings and rants about BJJ semi amusing and at least informative.

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