A heart in the Sky

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Here is a photo I took the other day while driving. I usually do not use my phone when I drive, but that day when I say the hear on the sky, I had to take my phone out and snap a picture. 

Look how amazing it is. Nature... Look at the heart surrounding by dangerous clouds. What does this mean? A helpless heart surrounded by dangerous clouds, what? 

Yes, unfortunately the heart is our earth, and the could is the corruption. The world is ill because look how frightened it is. Look at the little powerless heart surrounded by frighting enormous pieces of cloud. Isn't that something to look and think about? 

Let us write that the our world is in danger. How are you going to help it? what are you going to add to the world to help us all survive? What is in your mind and what is your plan? The Earth will die if you do not step in. 

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