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Muhammad Awais

Introduction                                 Cricket……

by awasir

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A cyber cafe

Sohel Chowdhury

It is a place of new internet communication system.A cyber cafe is practically a network of all network.Now a man just pushing the……

by sohel-chowdhury

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Writer Vs. Spammer


What a disappointment, spam has taken over on Bitlanders! I guess spammers don`t care about the rules and various warnings  that……

by makemyday

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ISLAM part 2


Islam s main message is to worship God and to treat all Gods creation with kindness and compassion . rights of parents in old age……

by marziasaeed

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zubair457 These days traffic is the major problem of our country with continuous increase in population……

by zubair457

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A heart in the Sky


Here is a photo I took the other day while driving. I usually do not use my phone when I drive, but that day when I say the hear on……

by DrZazr

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sahel hakimi

Sport Sport is very effected for health also sport is a physical activities action the people do for fun And as way to complete with……

by sahel-hakimi

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Child labor


Child is one of the beautiful gifts of the God. Whenever someone mention a child the image of little one with cherubic smile playing……

by Zarwareen_khatak

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