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Cricket is a game of Bat and Ball and the eleven players from each team and the field called the Pitch is rectangular area of 20 Yards,This is the second best playing sport around the world after Football.Each team takes it turn for bats and try to make runs while the other team Fields and Vice Versa and each team known as Innings.

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Formats of the Game

There are three formates of this game.The one is 5 days cricket called the Test Match and the second is One day Cricket ODI's which based on 50 Overs and the last one which is just added in this beautiful game is called the T20 Format in which there are 20 overs for each team to play.

International Cricket Council

Icc is the Short abbreviation of International cricket council which is main authority and responsible for make rules and regulations under which all playing nations follow the rules and making New laws.

History of Cricket

As per the written evidence back in 1478 there was man named as Estiavannet.He described a game played by the villagers involving boules (balls) and the Croquet(a wooden stick).It was believed that this game was originally played by the children.During the 17th Century the most refined form of cricket came in to play and this game is announced as the national game of England  in 18th century.

At first there was one format of cricket which was test match with the teams to play for 5 days continuously and each day 100 overs must be delivered provided the time space is on.Test cricket was expand in 20th Century.Before the second world war there were New zeland,West Indies and India and than after Pakistan,Sri Lanka and Bangladesh joined the nations after the world war Second.   

Rules of the Game

Cricket is the game of bat and ball.It is played between two teams of 22 players with eleven players from each team.One team bats and attempting to score runs, while the other team members bowls and fields the ball.They also attempting to restrict the scoring and dismiss the batsmen. The main objective of the game is for a team to score more runs than its opponent. In some forms of cricket, it is necessary to dismiss the opposition in order to win the match, which would otherwise be drawn.

Playing Surface

Cricket is played on the Grassy Field.There is nothing particular Law about the Field's Size and Shape.


The pitch is 22 yards in the centre of the field is rectangular field known as Pitch.


The three wickets on the On centre on the pitch hammered called the stumps and the other corner three more wooden sticks hammered in the centre starting point of the pitch are called the Stumps.


The two timber Pieces with the same Length of 3 inches each used to put on the stumps.


The Four Lines are painted around the wicket to define the batsman standing safe if he is in the Lines.Theses four Lines are Known as Crease.


A wooden stick with the top handle is cylindrical shape is called the Bat.It must not be more than 4.25 inches wide and the length also not more 38 inches.

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The cricket ball used in the matches made of hard seemed Leather and the inner portion of the ball is made of Spheroid.There two types of balls used in the cricket depending on the format of the match.

1) Red Ball

2) White ball

1) Red ball

Red balls are used in the test cricket format and used in the first-class cricket .

2) White ball

The white ball is used in Limited overs cricket like in T20's and ODI's which is usually played in under Lights etc.


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Pads are used as the Leg guards.It is used as a protective equipment if the ball hits hard .They protest the legs against the hard ball if hits.

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Batting Gloves

Batting Gloves are made of the stuff rotton cotton and rages of clothes used to save the hands by the impact of the ball while playing.Batsmen use the Gloves generally.


Cricket helmets are used to save the head from the ball while playing a short ball,because it can be dangerous at times and can cause extra damage.

Blow that Killed Aussies Batsman

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