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Global competitions, demanding customers and constantly changing technology are some factors that directly affect the entire organization. Only effective leadership can survive this kind of business issues and have a better chance to gain the “first mover advantage”. The question is what does it take to have GREAT LEADERSHIP?

To be a leader is not about holding the highest position, it is the will to make TOUGH DECISIONS every day. He is busy in maintaining the organization's best interest while taking care of his people as well. It is when you are able to truly listen to others because leadership is all about creating a harmonious environment for everybody.

Successful organizations are based on the QUALITY of leadership that they have. A leader should understand what types of people are needed to reach the top. Some of them have innate qualities while some are still a work in progress. The point is a true leader can see genuine potentials and he is there to find ways to maximize their growth.

A lot of studies has been put into identifying the exact formula for being a successful leader and this topic continues to be talked about. The subject is still timely and relevant since most of us are aiming to be more effective than we were yesterday. Given below are the traits that we should develop to become a REMARKABLE LEADER.

 1. You must have a PASSION and VISION.

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To be a leader means that you are passionate about making a big impact on society. If you have the drive to achieve certain goals, it encourages you to make plans and to take the necessary actions to reach the desired result. A passionate leader has the ability to think quickly about what things should be done and how it should be done.

The FIRE inside your heart gives you the EXCITEMENT to be more involved in the progress of the team. You care about every little detail and you exert a lot of EFFORT in creating new ideas for the betterment of everyone. This is where vision comes in, there are crazy ideas in your mind and your heart is filled with so much bravery to do it.

A leader loves to think outside the box to help him come up with effective strategies. His creativity and intellectual drive are exceptional that even his teammates are getting inspired to do more. He is someone who is not only taking actions but also influence others to do their best.

2. Have a strong CONFIDENCE but still HUMBLE.

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Projecting confidence is one of the most difficult characteristics to develop because it starts WITHIN you. It deals about having a greater sense of SELF-ASSURANCE and you must never compare yourself to well-known leaders. You always prove that you have the skills to lead the team to its common goal and you’re not afraid to face challenges.

Your confidence helps you to stay calm during difficult situations. Great leaders are confident to themselves and they believe that no problems are impossible to handle. They never back out once they commit to a course of action, they are fearless.

You are not discouraged easily even if you messed up. Your lack of EGOCENTRICITY makes it easier for you to ask and accept other’s help. A true leader should acknowledge that he can make mistakes just like anybody else. He is someone who never sees himself above from other people.



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 A leader shows genuine concern for the health and WELFARE of his people. You must have an intuitive feel for their needs and always guide them as much as you can. Consider yourself as a guardian who listens to his people and someone who is nice to them at all times.

Excellent communication skills are needed to be an effective leader. You are not only expressing your ideas clearly but you also persuade them to give their opinions. Giving importance to their feedback and being open-minded to accept it is essential to have effective leadership. You must be both a great speaker and a good listener.

Leadership deals about VALUES that are embedded with RESPECT for others. When you are talking to someone, look at him as a human being who has feelings and emotions rather than treating him like a robot. Focus on the person standing in front of you and make eye contact. Be direct to the point but still warm and gentle.

4. An INFLUENCER with a POSITIVE attitude.

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Your upbeat spirit and optimistic attitude is the team’s source of energy. If everyone is enthusiastic and inspired, it radiates to the whole workplace. Maintaining a sense of optimism gives hope and faith during turbulent times. No one is discouraged because they believed that TOGETHER, they can SURPASS everything.

Great leaders are also called transformational leaders. They provide inspirational motivation to their teammates to be the best version of themselves. It is not only about giving powerful speeches but also making them feel included in the process. Once they feel that they are really part of the group, they’ll be more willing to give the best service and be useful as much as they can.

You must know how to look for ways to liven up the workplace. Make it a FUN place where they can feel the excitement of being there. Passionately stimulate and motivate your people to successfully reach a common goal. Happy people are great assets who do their job really well.


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Most employees are working hard to achieve excellent performance and when they do, they are looking forward to their leader to recognize them. Aside from giving bonus and incentives, there are companies who give recognition by giving certificates and trophies to those who excel at work. A good leader is always APPRECIATIVE on the strong effort given by his team.

Generosity can be seen even in the simplest way. A pat on the shoulder and giving thumbs up can motivate someone. A simple burger treat can make them feel that you are the kind of leader who offers FRIENDSHIP with his subordinates.

Who would love a leader that claims all the credit for the team’s success and achievements? A great leader is team-oriented and unselfish. He always chooses to share the glory for a job well done with his people. He is proud of the team’s joint efforts and knows how to GIVE WAY to let them shine.


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A true leader has a sense of PROFESSIONALISM about his image and the way he interacts with others. There should be something UNIQUE about you that sets you apart from other leaders. Be knowledgeable about your entire organization and create your own TRADEMARK.

Don't be someone who only enjoys giving orders, you must lead by example. They should see that you are also working hard and committed to meet the organization's goals. How could you expect them to follow if you are violating your own rules and standards?

An effective leader has the ability to control the situation when things don't go their way. You should not give up easily and keep the big picture in your mind. You are ready to face the unknown and can see things through to completion. The determination that you have is the FUEL that makes you move forward.

7. WORK SELFLESSLY and find ways to IMPROVE yourself.

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Be someone who rolls up his sleeves and willing to get dirty from time to time. ENGAGE yourself with the management team and treat each of them equally. If your employees are working overtime, you must share the same burden and don’t leave them behind.

Good leadership is when everybody is supporting and helping each other. They stand together and they work as one. An organization doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be UNITED. Teamwork is the key to achieve a greater purpose.

Find time to constantly update your knowledge and skills. Change is the only constant thing in this world and you must know how to meet the demands of an ever-changing environment. Surround yourself with smart people and LEARN from their outstanding examples.

Final Remarks

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 A great leader is PREPARED to take whatever risk it will be when no one else will. He has the courage to face difficult issues and knows how to properly deal with it. His PERSEVERANCE and DILIGENCE are extraordinary knowing that success is achievable through exceptional hard work.

He treats everyone with all fairness and was never a fan of favoritism. If you want to be respected, you shouldn’t be afraid to communicate the truth. Speak intelligently and walk with integrity. A good leader gives importance to work ethics.

A wise one loves to welcome new ideas and changes. His flexibility is superb that he can even alter his style according to the given circumstances. He enjoys any kind of challenges and can adjust his behavior to best match the situation.

He is someone who values the team’s success and the people behind it. You must show EMPATHY towards your people and be their FRIEND who understands them. A true leader never put someone to shame, he praises in public and address problems in private.

Leaders are SELF-MADE and we can learn to become one. History is full of great leaders with no previous leadership experience. What they did was step up their game into a whole new level until they become who they are now. Be a TRUSTWORTHY leader and build a productive relationship with everyone around you.




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