Rules of being in a Classroom

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1: when you are in the class you must listen to your teacher.

2: when you don’t know any things about the lesson you just wait then after the teacher finishes lesson then start asking. this habit is very good.

 3: when lesson has duration you don’t speak with your classmate.

4: in the class try to have a friendly manner.

5: when you enter in the class, don’t be shy.

6: when you enter in the class don’t think about the out of the class.

7: you must be patient in the class.

8: when you enter in the class turn of your cellphone.
9: you must come on time in your class (don’t come late).

10: Assisting your classmates is good moral.

  11: you bring your bag every day.

12: don’t make your time boring in the class.

13: don’t make fun of people duration the lesson.

14: always speak reasonably.

15:  In the class you prefer asking than being quit.

16:  when you will go out take permission.  

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