What are the safety measures you should take while driving?

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In this modern world, everybody has a vehicle of their own and always have to drive to their destination . But driving a vehicle means we have to follow some rules and regulations which are for our safety only. Not following the rules would cause accidents which not only affects the lives of our loved ones but also affect others lives. So follow the rules and drive happily and live happily. Bellow are some rules which everybody should follow while driving.


1: Don't drink and drive- Nowadays most accidents happens due to drunken drive. You should not drive if you are drunk, better take a cab to home. Alcohol is a very dangerous thing, even a low level of it in your blood causes dizziness, slow the reaction time of our reactions. A high-level alcohol in the blood would also cause unconsciousness. Due to this drunken driving is a punishable crime and can get you arrested.


2: Seat Belt/Helmet- It is essential to wear a helmet if you are driving two wheelers or wear a seat belt while driving any other vehicles. It is found that by wearing the seat belt during driving could reduce the risk of fatal injuries by 45% to 50%. Same goes for the helmet which would save your head and neck from fatal injuries.


3: Traffic rules- Always follow the traffic rules while driving. Don't drive when the signal is red, don't drive in the wrong lane. Always turn on the indicators while turning on the bent.


4: Follow Speed Limit- Always follow the speed limit because if you drive at the higher speed you would have less time to react to any obstacle in front of you which could turn into a serious accident.


5: Avoid Distractions- Never get distracted while driving. The most distracted item is a cell phone. Don't use the cell phone while driving, if it's urgent then park your vehicle on the roadside and finish your call.


6: Regular Check- you should always do a regular check of your vehicle's parts. The regular check could let you avoid accidents which are caused due to faulty parts.


7: Extra careful during Bad weather- My advice is to avoid driving in bad weather, but if it's urgent then be extra careful while driving. keep your speed under the speed limit.


8: Three-second rule- Every driver should know about this rule and follow it. This rule means while driving there should be a three-second driving distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

9: Review mirrors- Always have an eye on the review mirror. Also use your side view mirror while taking a turn.


10: Take Break during long drives- It is advisable to take short breaks during long drives. You should take the breaks even you don't feel sleepy, just stretch your legs and have some snacks. You should always have a proper sleep and should have freshened up before a long trip.


We all have loved ones waiting for us, So I request you all to follow the safety rules of traffic and driving and live a happy life with your loved ones.

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