Cricket : "The Most Famous Sport Of The World"

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Cricket : 

Cricket is the most watchable sport of the world. Every one in the world loves playing and watching cricket. I will discuss here some important and interesting informations about cricket.

Cricket is a Bat and Ball game played between two teams of 11 players each on a field at the of which is a rectangular 22 yard-long  pitch.The game is played by over 100 million players in many countries, making it the world's second most popular sport.Each team takes its turn to Bat and Ball.Each turn is known as innings(Used for both singular and plural).

In professional cricket there are three different formats in cricket depending on the length of overs in a game. First one is Test Cricket Format, second is ODI(One Day International) and the last format is T20. Test cricket played over five days and each day 90 overs can be bowl. ODI is 50 overs game while T20 is 20 overs format game.Each over consist of Six balls.The laws of cricket are maintained by the International Cricket Council(ICC).Now a days many countries started premier leagues and county cricket, like IPL,CPL,BPL,Yourkshire and Pakistan is also starting PSL in Feb 2016.


Cricket History :

Cricket is generally believed that to have been first played in Southern England in the 16th century. By the end of 18 century it become the " National Sport" of England.The Expansion of the British Empire led to cricket being played overseas and by the mid-19 century the first international match was held. First ODI ever been played is in 1972 between Australia and England teams.


Rules and Game Play : 

Cricket is a Bat and Ball game played between two teams of eleven players each. One team bats, attempting to score runs, while the bowls and field the ball, attempting to restrict the scoring and dismiss the batsman.

There are separate leagues for Women's Cricket, though informal matches may have mixed teams.


Format Of The Game : 

A coin toss is held by the team captains(who are also players) just before the match starts, the winner decides whether to bat or field first.

Umpire : 

Umpire is the most important part of cricket. They decide whether who is out or not out. There are Three umpires is each game of cricket. Two are standing in ground, one is behind the bowling side wickets and the second is on the "Square leg". Third Umpire is Television umpire.Some famous umpires are Aleem Dar(Pak), Simon Toufel(Aus) etc.





Many countries are playing international cricket, such as Australia, England,Pakistan,India,South Africa, Srilanka and more teams. SO, we discuss some top rankings team briefly.


Team Australia :

Australian team is one of the Strongest and Competitive team of the world. The present captain of Australian team is Steven Smith. Rankings Of Australia :

Test Ranking : 3rd and rating is 106.

ODI Ranking : 1st and rating is 127

T20 Ranking : 4th and rating is 118

Team Australia



Steve Smith (Australia Captain)



Team Pakistan : 

The present captain of Pakistan team is Azhar Ali. Pakistan team is currently playing series with England in UAE. Ranking of Pakistan Team :

Test Ranking : 2nd and rating is 118

ODI Ranking : 8th and rating is 90

T20 Ranking : 2nd and rating is 121


Pakistan Team



Azhar Ali( Pakistan Team Captain)



Team Sri Lanka :

The present captain of this team is Angelo Mathews. They are currently playing series with West Indies.

Ranking of Sri Lanka Team:

Test Ranking : 7th and rating is 93

ODI Ranking: 5th and rating is 105

T20 ranking : 1st and Rating is 125.


Sri Lanka Team



Angelo Mathews(Sri Lanka Team Captain)



Test Cricket Rankings



One Day Rankings



T20 Ranking



Fights In Cricket:

Just like all sports, Some players also fought in cricket. I am uploading here one video of funny fighting between Chris Gayle and Greame Smith.

Funny Fight Video

Source: Youtube

Best Bowling Spell Of Cricket:

The best spell I have ever seen in cricket history is Wahab Riaz spell in world cup match to Shane Watson.Every legendry cricketer appreciate his spell. I am uploading a video of this spell for u here.

Best Bowling Spell Video

Source: Youtube

Wahab Riaz and Shane Watson

Source: Google


World Records in Cricket:

Highest Runs Scored In One Test Innings:

Highest runs scored by Brian Lara(WI) in one innings of test. He scored 400 runs.

Brain Lara

Source: Google

Highest Runs Scored in One Innings of ODI:

Highest runs scored by Rohit Sharma(Ind) in one innings of ODI. He scored 264 runs againt Sri Lanka.I am uploading a video here of his Awesome 264 runs.

Rohit Sharma 264 Runs Video

Source: Youtube


Fastest Ball In Cricket History:

The fastest ball ever been bowled in the cricket history by Shoaib Akhtar(Pak).He bowled a ball with the speed of 161.3 km/h in a ODI match against South Africa.The Second Fastest Bowler is Brett Lee(Aus).He bowled a ball with the speed of 161.1 km/h.

Shoaib Akhtar

Source: Google


Fastest Hundred in ODI's in Cricket History:

Fastest hundred has scored by Ab de Villiers(SA). He made 100 runs in only 31 balls.He made this century against West Indies.He is the present captain of South Africa Team. He is good mostly in all games but we are lucky that he chose cricket. Before cricket he was National Rugby Captain,national badminton captain,national champion in swimming and also top in his studies. He is my all time favorite player.

Ab De Villiers

Source: Google


Ab De Villiers Fastest Hundres

Source: Youtube


Shahid Afridi:

I also want to discuss here about a famous Pakistani Player Shahid Khan Afridi famous as Shahid Afridi. He is the present captain of Pakistan T20 Team.He is the most unpredictable player of cricket.He made his fastest Fifty on 18 balls second fastest fifty after Ab de villiers and Sanath Jasuriya. Ab de villiers and Sanath Jasuriya made worlds fastest fifties on just 17 balls.He scored his first century in his debut on just 37 balls. 

Shahid Khan Afridi

Source: Google


This is all I want to discuss with you people. I hope you will enjoy this blog.


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