Child labor

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Child is one of the beautiful gifts of the God. Whenever someone mention a child the image of little one with cherubic smile playing in a ground or a boy having a bag on the shoulder running gaily towards his school came in mind but have you seen a child working patiently from day to night, lifting heavy weight, working from dawn to dusk as an automobile mechanic, at restaurants, and at shops but utter no word, have you seen their dreams which are shattered in their eyes, have you ever dare to peek through the curtains of their eyes to see their wistfulness, have you see how they look at the children who pass by them playing in their school uniform?? No one have ever consider to glance on a working child in his busy life or not even consider to think about that may be some day my own child is working as a labor

Child labor in the third world is very common and no one gives any importance to such a distressing topic. Although Pakistan has placed at the first in growing literacy rate (250 %), stand at third in English speaking country and produce 445,000 university graduates per year but it is also the home towards   5.1 million children out of school stands at 3rd after Brazil and Nigeria out of which 3.3 million children work as a labor in industries, houses, in fields and at shops. Their ages ranges from 5 to 14. 50% percent of this labor army ranges from 5 to 9, out of 3.3 million children 2.7 are said to be working in fields that is agricultural sector and 73% of this economically active children are boys 

Consider the 30% of families leading their lives below the line of poverty and depriving for the basic needs like food, clothes, shelter, education these families are constraint to make their children the labors to be in race of survival. The class based education system is also one of the main reasons for making the child a labor; the school of the villages is not giving the standardized education as in the cities and as the result the child labor increases day by day in village.

The save the children organization is working side by side with the government to reduce the child labor and as do the other organization and Government of Pakistan has made several laws like Article 3, Article 11(3), Article 25 (A), Article 37 (e) and The Employment of Children Act 1991
· The Employment of Children Rules 1995 which all deals with the child labor but unfortunately above 60% Pakistanis don’t know about such laws and the child labor is so common that  no one give damn about them not even the law department 

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