How artificial intelligence transforms online learning

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"How artificial intelligence transforms online learning" is my new C-Blog for "bitLanders C-Blogging." My previous works are: "Who are artificial intelligence creators?" "Artificial intelligence business: Main features," and "Artificial intelligence advantages in business."

Artificial intelligence is a technology that can firmly enter all areas of our life. And there is no need to worry about the possibility that it can harm humans, as such a scenario is possible only in sci-fi films.

AI is widely used in the field of education and helps students and teachers. Of course, a teacher bot cannot now replace a real person if, for example, he becomes ill. artificial intelligence is not necessarily an android robot or a huge brain that collects all the information and learns to answer any requests, although there are such projects in the world.

Apart from the recommendations to a student, the system will be able to recommend his teachers to pay attention to certain materials, the revision of which will help increase the overall effectiveness of the training. AI can help with the best way to teach material; it helps to adapt the lessons to the individual characteristics of each student.

There are several projects that are engaged in online learning with the involvement of artificial intelligence in one form or another. How exactly will artificial intelligence help in online learning in the near future? Check out my new Querlo chat to find out.

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