Artificial intelligence advantages in business

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"Artificial intelligence advantages in business" is my new C-Blog for "bitLanders C-Blogging." My previous works are "Artificial intelligence technology definition: Approaches and fields of application," "Best artificial intelligence tools for program development," and "Artificial intelligence progress: latest achievements."

The use of artificial intelligence technologies allows making a business more efficient. High-quality document management and data processing increase the quality of companies, thereby attracting customers and increasing profits.

One of the main artificial intelligence advantages for business is chatbots. Chatbots attract business with their benefits and are spreading at a tremendous speed. What can companies get from their use?

Chatbots help backend teams process actions and requests faster by generating appropriate automatic responses without human intervention. For example, the KURI bot improves business efficiency by processing large volume requests related to money transfers, account payments, and detailed bank account checks.

Another example is Starbucks that launched a voice chatbot that takes orders at retail outlets and processes payments. This chatbot improves customer service by leveraging advanced AI and voice activation features. This approach enhances customer satisfaction with the brand and strengthens the brand’s commitment to the best service.

Chatbots are more efficient and productive in processing big data because they work on the basis of AI. This provides a competitive advantage over other tools that may not be so effective because they have limitations related to the human factor.

AI-enabled custom chatbots help companies around the world streamline various processes, improve customer experience, provide good customer support services and increase business profitability.

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