Most Popular Master's Degrees that Pay the Most

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If you are thinking of taking a degree to up your career possibilities, you want the investment and efforts to pay off with a good salary in return. Not all master’s degrees offer the same opportunities. Sometimes the field is too specific and there are no vacancies but not all. There are some jobs out there that you need a master’s for and can earn you big money. Here are a few.

Petroleum Engineering

You need a master's degree to become a petroleum engineer and it’s a money earner. As far as the US is concerned, the petroleum industry is one of the most prominent industries, and being huge, there will always be openings for master’s degree holders. As a petroleum engineer, your job would be to discover, explore and produce gas and oil to meet energy needs. Statistics show that there is a 26% job growth associated with this field, and you can easily find work as a production engineer, petroleum geologist or reservoir engineer.

Anesthesia Nurse

The job usually involves providing anesthesia and related care before medical procedures. If you take a degree in this field, you will also be responsible for offering emergency and pain management services. There is an impressive job growth rate of 31%, suggesting that you're likely to get a job quickly after completing your masters degrees online. Once you complete the course and training, you may be the main anesthesia provider in rural hospitals and may also get a chance to serve in the US Armed Forces.

Physician Assistant Studies

As a physician assistant, your job is to support surgeons, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. Your role also encompasses reviewing medical histories, checking patients and ordering diagnostic tests. In most cases, you will be working in physician's offices or hospitals, but you can also find jobs in educational organizations and outpatient care centers.

Political Science

There is a growing demand for professionals with a master's degree in political science. The course has its focus on the theory and training related to government and politics at the national, state, local and international levels. There is a huge growth in this sector and many job opportunities can be found in the private or government sectors. Once you complete your degree in political science, you can work as a lobbyist, city manager or postsecondary teacher.


It seems marketing professionals never go out of fashion. Although the job growth is not as impressive as in petroleum engineering or some healthcare fields, you can still have more than enough opportunities to get a high-paying job requiring knowledge to build, improve, and manage brands. After completing your degree, you can start working as a marketing manager, creative director, and advertising manager.

Of course, you don’t have to decide your career straight away but it’s good to know you have real paying choices. Even so, if there is a labor shortage in a particular field, it is worth making that field your focus. That way, when it comes time to be interviewed you can honestly say, you’ve always an interest and it could put you ahead of the competition.  

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