The present and future of artificial intelligence

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"The present and future of artificial intelligence" is my new AI-inspired C-Blog for "bitLanders c-Blogging." My previous works are "Artificial intelligence and philosophy," "BitLanders C-Blogging: Robots and Artificial Intelligence," and "How is artificial intelligence going to change cities?"

Artificial intelligence is a machine learning and deep learning that requires large computing resources. To understand concepts and find patterns, a machine needs hundreds of times more information than a person.

People are afraid of the unknown, and this is normal. AI is something completely new, and its decisions are not always subject to logic. Besides, people need to talk about the work of AI.

Artificial intelligence is not a person, but we cannot treat it like a simple program. AI systems make decisions in various fields and will continue to do it in the near future. Companies now need to create and train AI with a clear explanation of the actions. We need a clear and understandable set of rules, which indicate what rights artificial intelligence has.

At the moment, a lot has been achieved with the help of AI, so it is worth analyzing the present and future of artificial intelligence. You may join the Querlo chat below to read my selections on the topic.


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