Is artificial intelligence consciousness in danger?

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"Is artificial intelligence consciousness in danger?" is my new C-Blog for AI-inspired "bitLanders C-Blogging." My previous works are "[Artificial Intelligence] How to launch effective AI startups?" "Artificial intelligence and the world of fashion," and "The present and future of artificial intelligence."

Current advances in artificial intelligence are impressive. But in fact, everyone is waiting for something else: a machine that is aware of its existence and environment. It could be sent in space or on the battlefield. It could cook, clean, wash, iron, carry people and even provide a company when there are no other people nearby.

Most computer scientists believe that consciousness is a characteristic that will appear as technology advances. Others believe that consciousness includes the acceptance of new information, the storage, and retrieval of old information, as well as the cognitive processing of all this in perceptions and actions. If so, once the machines will become highly conscious.

They will be able to extract more information than even a person, store more libraries, have access to extensive databases in milliseconds and calculate all this in solutions more complex and more logical than anyone could ever afford.

But is artificial intelligence consciousness in danger? How far can it go? Read my selections on the topic in the Querlo chat below.


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