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Ashley Lopez

Woke up in a dream say unicorns are a blessing when i got my first real high school kiss a girl got pants i was getting high with……

by ashley-lopez

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Cricket in Pakistan


Cricket in Pakistan   Image Source:  Cricket is very famous sport not only in Pakistan, also in Asia and……

by Mujhi

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True Friends

Doods Relator

When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving……

by Doodsdpogi

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Work it out in style

Anirban Basuball

We have all become fitness conscious. Ever since Swami Ramdev gave the mantra of yoga people started realising how important health……

by Raja-7578

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Hello guys

Fabian Janssen

Today I'm showing you how to make Bitcoins so easy! Just click here.  Now you put in your Bitcoin-adress and you can just start……

by king_fabiii

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syed meer

ELECTRICITY:- What is electricity? Electricity is the form of current which gives the power to use accessories like laptops, computers,……

by syed-meer

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Play off Mundial Day 1

Vahan Hovhannisyan

So finished group stage and from first group came out 2 teams Brasil an Mexico ,Brasil in 1 st place and today will play Brasil and……

by PhoTOS

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Summer Season


Today here summer season is on its heights. I like summer because it bright the whole world after dark clouds of winter. It provides……

by zubair457

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Industrial Areas


There was a time that the most of people lived in a village the atmosphere of the village was clean pleasant and there was peace no……

by Janifer

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Home sweet home


Home is the place where all the people feel comfort and pleasure. Home is the only places where everybody becomes happy and feel relax.……

by zubair457

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When I am pass my Diploma Associate Engineering from Government College of technology Bahawalpur. Then I get admission in BSC civil……

by abrar007

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Aly Elsom

Business-life is something we always want be in after graduation… something was always wish to involve with. But most young……

by aly-elsom

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Child labor


Child is one of the beautiful gifts of the God. Whenever someone mention a child the image of little one with cherubic smile playing……

by Zarwareen_khatak

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Plight of mine


Hello, guys.  As some of you know my brother Fred and I are going to break the Guinness World Record "Longest concert by a duo"……

by IvanK

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The Professors Screenings

Models WebTV

The following is a list of screenings for Alessandro Amaducci's phenomenal series of short films that he hosts in his WebTV:'Not……

by ModelsWebTV

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