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      It is universally acknowledged that intellectual and spiritual ,social and physical aspects of life are inter related. The faculties of logic and reason, hearts and ideas can work exactly when they keep healthy. The opportunities of spare and leisure time control and stimulate our hidden faculties which refine and exalt our moods and personalities. The individuals(students)find new union and association and their super energies are utilized in these activities.

     We are idle by nature. We do not take interest in out-door life. This accounts for poor national heath. On the other hand the western educational system gives due importance to games.

     The duke of  Wellington  said,(“the battle of Waterloo was won the play-field of Eton”).The value of games and sports can not be measured. They develop physical fitness and some qualities like discipline and co-operation etc.

     Games prepare us for the battle of life. A weak body and mind cannot face the challenge of trials .On the other hand a sports man faces the same challenges with great courage and confidence.

     The ideal Greek gentleman was one who had physical health along with intellectual qualities .Olympic game trained the young generation in general. Physical health is necessary for successful life. Many heroes of our history were perfectly healthy both in mind and body, like Baber and Hazrat Umer Farooq. Games demand team spirit and self-confidence. These have social values also. Friendship, selfless union and respective association are the lovely result of games and sports. No doubt, these are great source of entertainment.

     In the internal playing fields Pakistan has become popular in cricket,  hockey and squash .Our sports men are also are also known as ambassadors of good will and peace among the nations.

     Games have some abuses also.  The students  who take great interest in these activities ,cannot establish themselves in knowledge. They should divide time between games and studies. Player usually fail in examinations. Games and sports also encourage unhealthy spirit of competition. Sometimes the players get serious injuries, which can make them idle for life.

  Inspite of some demerits, games are certainly useful. They give force to the bodies and make us able to overcome all hardships with  a great spirit. They teach us the qualities of fellowship, which make us like a beam of sunlight.

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