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Business-life is something we always want be in after graduation… something was always wish to involve with.

But most young people after graduation in Egypt have to get the shock once they join the "business-life"

We can start with the interview, I've written about the interview and the wrong criteria before here in here's the blog link:

 After ones use the connection or get the job by his skills and passing the interview we get some relief and then start the hell.You have to find the one who's the older than you and try to control you by some aggressive way of talking then some looks mean I can fire you if you don't listen to me. On the other side these advices or opinions you may find it all wrong. And you have to accept otherwise; you out

Another thing I'd like to speak about is "The Salary"

Salary is always something we care about. We all seek a job to get money but, after the contract we assign we all find that the contract is just a paper useless paper.

That's enough for this blog and wait the next one I'm going to continue my reservations about the Business-life.

Written By Aly Elsom

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