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Pacific Rim summed up in four words: visually stunning, boring content. Going into this film I was hoping it would not disappoint, and at least I’d mildly enjoy it.


First of all, let’s go into the positives I took from the film. Visually stunning as I have stated before. The contrast and dynamic ranges in the colour are breathtaking, allowing the dark scenes depth. 1080p for me is the resolution this film must be consumed in, for the exact reasons above. Also the sense of height is perfectly balanced with the use of low-angled shots to empathise the enormity of the robots.


Although the film looks impressive from both a technical and a viewer’s perspective, the story is less than engaging. This is a real shame, as I want to like Pacific Rim for what it is, an over-the-top popcorn movie. The well-established Guillermo del Toro and the scriptwriter somehow make giant robots fighting oversized lizards boring. At the core that’s what this movie is about, yet it seems to be underwhelming. The characters are also underdeveloped with the stereotypical ‘action hero’ American accent with the attitude to match.


There were a few stand-out performances though; Idris Elba who was once tipped to be the next James Bond was impressive throughout. He seemed to be hiding a secret and you get that feeling from the off. Rinko Kikunchis’ performance was solid throughout: she is someone to watch out for.


Overall my verdict is: 3/10

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