Summer Season

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Today here summer season is on its heights. I like summer because it bright the whole world after dark clouds of winter. It provides freedom after the bands and bounds of winter season. As in winter season all the life activities are approximately stopped people prefer to bounds themselves in these houses. But after winter everything bright all the activities of life come to their usual. All the birds were bounded to their shades come out the silent atmosphere of winter change in to the juggling of life.

 The birds come out of their nests and chuckle and the insects also come out of their homes. The flowers come out it world looks beautiful and crowded. There is not any sadness of winter. But when it come it its heights it became unbearable but it does not stop the activities of life as the winter.

We can say that this season is the king of all seasons because its time duration is too much long that others it remains for a long time that favorite thing that it brings the king of fruits as it brings the most favorite fruits of everyone as mango sweet mangoes.

People use juices energy drinks cold things to lessen their warmth of the season. In our country children starts their galas and water Malone. They love summer because it brings GOLA and sherbet of IMLI ALU MUKHARA. They and me too love this season most we can say because it brings our Most favorite summer vocation in which we enjoy our journey trip to northern areas to lessen the effect of summer season as it is a time to plan a trip it our grandparents so it is full of fun and enjoyment so we love summer a lot as it brings a lot of happiness along with it do your?

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