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What is electricity?

Electricity is the form of current which gives the power to use accessories like laptops, computers, mobiles, lighting the houses, using the cooling aids, and also the heating aids etc.

Electricity is nothing but the current which is given by the government to the public. In begaluru the part of the government providing current to whole of this bengaluru is BESCOM.

The scientific measurement of the current is called amperes. The scientist who discovered current is AMPERE.

Electricity is being used by public for many purposes like lighting houses and decoration part of functions in INDIA.

Nowadays it is kind a impossible task to live without electricity therefore because we the humans are kind of fully dependent on electricity and cannot live without it.

The time may come when production of electricity will get ended up and man will learn how to survive without electricity.

The main sources of production of electricity are hydraulic production, wind source production, steam sourced production, tidal energy sourced production, and the main sunlight production using photocells.

The usage of electricity has gone to that extinct that a human being cannot survive in the generation of this modern society.

The main thing for the processes going on in the hospitals is current or electricity for example of analog computers for the heart beat, ECG, etc.

By seeing all this results one can tell that a human being cannot survive without electricity in this time period of modern generation.

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