Achievements on Legal Framework

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Rules of procedures for Public Procurement in Afghanistan Prepared and issued and disseminated to all line ministries/procuring entities in two languages (Dari and English), on April 12, 2007;

Special Procurement Commission (SPC) was established in accordance with the provisions of the Law to issue approvals of high value procurement contract;

Appeal and Review Mechanism: Administrative Review Committee composed of experts, both from public and private sectors membership established for handling complains of bidders for alleged breaches of the provision of the law.



Standard Bidding Documents (SBDs) for Goods and small works already issued, again aligned with the new PPL and reissued in two languages (Dari and English).

Standard Request for Quotations (SRFQ) Documents officially issued in two languages (Dari and English)

Appeal & Review Manual prepared and issued in two languages (Dari and English)

Standard Request for Proposals Documents for consultancy services, Standard Bidding Documents for Large works, and Standard Bidding Documents for non consultancy services along with all its forms and templates prepared in two languages (Dari and English) issued.

Standard Bidding Documents for Health Sector Goods, Plant, and Code of Ethics prepared in English and issued.

Around 50 procedural circulars on procurement have been issued

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