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Two of our colleagues celebrated their first anniversary with the company. They were hired when our team was undergoing major changes, I recall I submitted my resignation letter at that time, I had to step down from the team leader position as I felt like I am not effective as one. My boss wanted to keep me in the team so he offered me to stay as a part-time employee which I accepted.

A year after, not very much had changed in terms of the company structure and but there will be some new changes again in the next month as our current team lead will be moving to the Development Team and the team leader role will be empty. Two new positions will be added soon but first, we had to celebrate Faye and Janna's work anniversaries.


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I wonder though if other employees do the same but it becomes our tradition to do so in the company. We can't escape this because our team Slack group had been connected to our Google Calendar so each time there's a birthday or work anniversary, this calendar prompts the team about it.

Anyway, since there were just two of them, we opt to celebrate this with the head of the entire team and just the support members. We choose Chikaan Restaurant, it was my first time to dine in here so I thought it to be a good place for another restaurant review!

Chikaan Ambiance


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Since I work as a part-time employee, I only work 3 hours a day except for Tuesday. We celebrated the work anniversary on a Friday so I was asked to go first and order food. So I went to Chikaan in Ayala Center Cebu which was just across our office. It won't take us more than ten minutes of walking before we would reach the restaurant.

Chikaan is yellow-themed. Its branding looks fun because it is formed as like a fish but with the restaurant's name on it. I realized that my husband and I had always passed by their other branches but it won't appeal to us so we never really dined into any of their branches.


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I figured this branch in Ayala Center Cebu is a little different from the rest, it has a pleasing ambiance, the lighting is good and the tables and chairs look decent. They got pretty hanging lights which were aesthetically charming and the walls are designed in a more elegant way than the other branches.

When I reached the restaurant, there were zero customers. I was the first one to arrive and so I immediately took the chance to snap photos. I also was given the menu so I can make the order.

Surprisingly, the restaurant had an element of fun because, on their paper table mats, they have a sort of game in it that guests can work on and enjoy while waiting for their food orders.


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I must also state that the air conditioning was just enough for us not to feel humid nor to feel really cold while dining inside, when more and more customers were coming for dinner, the inside temperature was still the same and we didn't feel irritated by the other groups who were behind or in front of us. They got good table spacing so it was a plus!

Chikaan Food and Pricing


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As I was just tasked to order, I proceed with their group meals or what they refer to as "barkada" sets. We were seven and Chikaan has a group meal good for four heads with unlimited rice and few other viands which looked fine so I ordered two of their options which has the following.


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The first set includes a huge pot of Pochero with Meat, buttered chicken, Bam-I Guisado, Adobong Kangkong, unlimited rice and one round of iced tea. This was good for Php 1199.

The second set includes a huge crispy Pata platter, Tinolang Manok, Pancit Guisado, Pinakbet with Chicharon, unlimited rice and one round of iced tea. This cost Php 1299.

Obviously, considering the price and the food offered, I totally believe that these sets are affordable and are really suited well for a group of friends or even families.


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Apart from the good pricing, the foods were really good as well! I personally love the Tinolang Manok and the Pancit Guisado. I actually wished they also offer some fish too in the set but that's for a separate order.


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The crispy Pata and the Pochero, my colleagues said it was very good, most especially the former. The servings were also generous enough, we don't have any complaints on that part but we truly appreciate that this was an unlimited rice set. I thought those who are going out with guy friends must consider this as they'd be really full and satisfied eating more cups of rice.

Chikaan Service


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From the time I reached Chikaan until the group left, I commend the crews because they really had attended to our needs. I also didn't feel awkward taking photos because they didn't mind at all which I truly appreciate.

Serving time was done as promised. When I came in, I asked them to serve our orders by six but since my colleagues arrived earlier, they also managed to serve the food at the right time without much waiting which is commendable.


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I also applaud the main crew who had entertained me from the time I arrived until we left. He took photos of the group while dining and he was very patient with us when we ask for something. I personally don't have anything to say bad about the restaurant now.


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Truth is, my perception had changed now from Chikaan being a not-so-nice dining place to a better one. This experience was smooth, I didn't have to repeat myself to the crews and they had catered all of our requests and needs while dining in.

Cleaniless was also their priority and they have a wash room inside the restaurant which was convenient. During the payment process, it didn't take the time to return back the change and the receipt so it was really a stress-free dining experience.

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I would recommend this Chikaan restaurant branch in Ayala Center Cebu to my friends who would like to eat together with their families as a group perhaps after church service or even just to hang out with.


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