A Love Story Never Been Told - Part 4: ♥FRENCH KISS♥

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How are you guys? Right now I’m laughing while reading the last few lines of my 3rd blog hahaha.  I hope you enjoyed reading too!  

Yet again I was so glad and ecstatic for my 3rd blog’s rating, I am surprised that bitLanders gave me 4 stars for the second time, while my first blog was 3 stars.  Please click HERE to see the part 3 of my story.

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So here we go with the continuation of my Love Story series.  Set back, relax and enjoy my humble but funny and memorable experiences in the past.

“But what Ai-ai dosen’t knew was, I told Miss Quinnie if she will not allow me to sing I will not kiss her. LOL” – excerpt from my previous blog

Hahaha this is completely insane it’s not part of the story either since it isn’t true. I just did it for I want the readers to express their intuitions. Although if it’s true believe me, I might be the most fortunate guy in the universe LOL, as mentioned in my previous blog, it would seem that I won a mega jackpot in a lottery game while Miss Quinnie lost her fishpond by fire LOL.  Too bad, haha.

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Well as a matter of fact, I also have a fantasy of having a teacher girlfriend in my college days I even used to tell myself and joke to my friends in a visayan quote “Bahalag gwapa basta maestra – which in English “It’s okay if she’s beautiful as long as she’s a teacher”.  Now it seems that I changed my mind, it’s just perfectly fine with me if she’s beautiful as long as she is beautiful, haha.


Anyhow, allow me to continue with the 4th part of my love story blog series.

While my girlfriend Ai-ai was so angry with me because of her jealousy to our music teacher, it took her a couple of weeks to move on. What I did I believe was incredible, in an adolescence stage getting into a relationship perhaps a normal bond of people but kissing is an enormous different thing.

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Being a loyal boyfriend, I did everything just to persuade her and keep her heart away from anger. What really convinced her was when we had our serious dialogue, it was weekend and we were in school for a group study so we got a chance to talk heart to heart.


In the middle of our conversation, since I almost lost my appetite convincing her I just hug her tight and unexpectedly kissed her to stop her from talking nonsense and it was not just a kiss but a French kiss that last maybe 20 seconds. I was just OMG did I just kissed her? I really can’t explain the feeling because it was my first kiss ever and it taste like I don’t know LOL

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And you see?  That move was effective! Just a single kiss and that made her slow down and stop her from talking and what she did was she hugged me back then told me not to do it again (not the kiss I presumed but the “fling” thing with my teacher, haha) and tears fall from her eyes. I felt guilty even if I did nothing wrong but it’s okay as long as we’re back to normal then.

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Time passes by and we even get as far as a year in our relationship considering that it was my first time of having a girlfriend. Our relationship was so challenging, suspicion or distrust was there that caused misunderstanding.  We experienced almost every aspect that can possibly break our commitment. But one learning I got all along was, definitely a French kiss was so helpful and was a cure for every quarrel that we had LOL.

Here's a short clip on how these teen agers did their first kiss


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Sometimes along the way, a love triangle exist. But I cannot blame myself if a lot of girls liked me that time, haha.  No, what I mean is to be engage in a love triangle is normal since I have an attractive and very hot girlfriend, instead I should be proud of it, but a secret affair? Indeed it’s totally a different story.

I remember we were in second year high school at that time. A tall white guy, with a blonde hair enter into the scene, he was a transferee from Manila, they even called him “manila boy” and normally he speaks “tagalog” as their vernacular and he happened to be her classmate.

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My girlfriend might be attracted to this guy because of his appearance and he spokes with tenderness, normally tagalog and visayan are incomparable when it comes to the accents. So it won’t be difficult or rather impossible for her to fall to this manila boy. He dressed up orderly as hip-hop maybe because he was from a capital city in the Philippines so they were more advance than us who were living in a province.

But not just that, he used to go to school with his Honda econo motorcycle while I’m having only my old rugged cheap bicycle so I am quite no match to this guy. For several weekends Ai-ai used to go to the house of their classmates randomly together with her friends and this guy, in fact he used to fetch Ai-ai from her house with his motorcycle every time they go. At first, I just leave it since she always asked permission from me that they just have something to do to the house of their classmate.

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There was a time when I was once given a chance to go with them and to my surprise, and even a little shocked of what I have seen. Manila boy cared much with my girlfriend he even gave her a drink in a glass of water and he hold it while Ai-ai is drinking with matching face towel on his other hand. I was there when they did it and it’s like a big slap on my face.


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Her friends was looking at me and it seems that they have seen a ghost in me LOL. My reaction was so fine and benign since I have no match to this guy, he’s taller than me and even bigger than me. So I kept my anger inside of me thinking I cannot fight him because I’m afraid he might fight back and I don’t know how to throw my fist LOL.

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"As long as karma exists, the world changes. There will always be karma to be taken care of" - Nina Hagen

Honestly, I felt jealous and I just asked permission to her friend who was the owner of that house that I should go because my mother was looking for me and asked her to please do not tell Ai-ai that I’m leaving. They hindered me from leaving but I insisted until I left without my girlfriend’s knowledge.

 Please watch video below, a magnificent rendition of a song "sometimes love just ain't enough"

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“Then a man was walking out and away with tears in his eyes…” - algergio


To be continued.



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