A peach tree

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t is a Young peach. A few years ago, a neighbor downstairs gives it life. Instant of time in the past, is now a leafy tree has grown.

Its long branches down into a small balcony of my house, so I had to trim a few weeks to go, my mom said I did not do this every kindness. This tree has brought us a lot of trouble, such as from time to time have a few honey bees flew into our house, especially in the summer, swarms of mosquitoes also to our family run. However, there are disadvantages, it would surely be beneficial, this lesson Young peach trees this year to our family "to provide free" of the fruit it bears, but ......

Young peach stout branches, twigs grew bright cute, small branches and leaves in order, from leaflets to large leaves turn arranged. Careful friends will find carambola leaves are not like other leaves, almost all long of a kind, in fact, it is the shape of the leaves each piece is unique. Some of the top twigs will grow shoots, overall pale red. Leaf shoots are not yet extend to, from afar as some immature peppers hanging in a tree.

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