Oh Christmas tree..you poor thing!

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This is the Christmas tree we put up last year at the shop.

But the story isn't about the decorations of the tree, it's about the small journey this tree had in the process.

   So as I was saying, we decorated the tree with less ornaments that year, cause we decided not to over do it, and for it to look tacky. After a small conversation on where to place it, we, the employees decided it would be best to place it in the middle of the shop this year. And so we did. After that we continued with our jobs.

  After an hour had passed, our big boss dropped by to check in on us. He saw where the tree was standing, but decided he didn't like it there, so he told us to move it forward in front of the entrance of the shop. Saying that, he left and we proceeded in doing so.

  So, one employee grabbed it from the bottom, and another one from the middle and slowly dragged it (so the decorations wouldn't fall off) in front of the entrance. After that, we continued with our jobs.

  Half an hour went by, and our big boss dropped by again. He saw where the tree now stood, and decided it wasn't a good place for it, cause it was hiding the entrance and people wouln't know if we were open or not. So he decided it was better for the tree to be placed somewhere on the left side of the shop. So off he went leaving us grunting with distress.

  By now of course we were huffing and puffing from distress.

  So again, we started to slowly drag the tree on the left side of the shop, hoping things would end there. After letting our anger go, we continued with our jobs.

  But guess what? After a while the boss arrived again!

  By now I was pretty sure he was doing it on purpose. He once again checked on where the tree stood. Thought for a minute. And decided once more that we should move the tree. And this time guess where?

  In the middle of the shop. Where we first had it standing.!

So off he went, and by now we were all just standing in anger staring at each other.

  So, Bobby, an employee in his anger just grabbed the tree from the bottom and tried to pick it up to place it in the middle as fast as he could, just to get over with this. But half way through, since it was kind of heavy, we saw the tree tilting. And before any of us could catch it, it came crashing down, with half the ornaments flying by.

  And there it was, the tree lying on the floor, while we were picking up it's pieces, to place it where? Right where we had it in the beginning.!

  After that, and for our good luck, there was no more tree dragging around the shop.

And all in all..we continued with our jobs! :) Leaving it a funny memory in our minds now.

Until next year my dear friends!.


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