A Place to Flashing Back the Memory

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Always, there are places that can remind us memories. For me, it's on a Japanese eatery at the 'toba lake' street.

I have no idea when the grand opening of this place. But I remember the first time when I ordered one of their menu.

We're on four, that day. Just walking around and ignored our front-camera quality. I mean, it's an effect before we got addicted to instagram and other social media. First time we got the menu, We ordered as our desire that unfortunately, when it comes, we ordered to much. It was just like 20 person portion.Later known that none of us have ever ordered a sushi before -_-

Another chapter that pass through my mind is when I pick her up at her school on 2 p.m. We ate and laughed many things, on the table that close the door.

Next, I looked into the corner near the eatery's front window. There are table and chairs for four person. Your shadow crossed, she who fell asleep in my hand and was still in uniform. It's my first year. You got tired after finishing so many course to prepared your final exam. I just can stroke part of your head. An implicit cues that mean, "how tired you later, I will always be here for you to lean on".Unfortunately, we have a bad end, huh?

And last (maybe not) I came here alone. Waiting for the "danau toba roll" ready to take away for you who still sick. Less oil much love, I said to the chef.that has not changed since my first visit. She just laughed. Get well soon!

That is the story of every corner from the place that flashing your memories back. Beside the interior and some-missing lampion, this place has not changed too much. The sushi roll and bento still good. I love it. 

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