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This week was long and challenging but i made it through in one piece. I went on a quest to find the Top 100 Faucets to earn free Bitcoins , Litecoins ,Dashcoins and other Alternative coins and it took me the whole week to find the best one s. There are thousands out there and all of them make it so difficult to complete the claim processes hiding there buttons in order for you to click on one of there adverts. But the once that i did but on my list , paid out quickly and between 200 and 5000 Satoshi s with just a few clicks .


I managed to make about 15 000 Satoshi s a day which is not to bad and i could have gotten more if i wasn't scrapping there URL s to make the list to put on the webpage. But its still a full days work for 5 days to complete my quest. But there are so many out there that i would definitely have to keep on adding to the list to make it even longer.

And offcoarse , i did have to add Bitlanders to my page as a great way to earn Satoshi s for free. Please guys feel free to check it out and let me know what you think about the page . I have considered adding my own faucet to the page , but i will have to do some more investigation about the process and how it all fits together.

Have a great day and click on the picture or on the link to visit the page  -  Click Here>>>

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