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February 25, 2015 was the last day my aunt was clinging to her last bits of sanity. Her name was Pilar Limarez Cacao, she was stricken with tuberculosis, and had no money to buy medicine so she goes door to door begging her relatives to give her some money. Her son Arl may be the most uncaring and unnerving son you shall ever encounter in your whole life that even if you're mother was struck by a very critical and deadly disease that will somehow break your will, there he is just walking around with bad friends who are not only bad influence to the boy but also primarily the cause of some criminal activity in our area. Those who are taking care of her, that is if they really were taking care of her only keep the money that was supposed to be for her medicine for themselves. Sure my mom was always helping her, but there is a time when my family comes first and not them. My brother almost had his dreams shattered because of them when a doctor told us during his medical check-up that he almost damaged his lungs and that the medicine was too expensive about P4000 per box of 8. So my question, Does my brother need to sacrifice his dream of being a seaman just so we could shoulder the cost of my aunt's illness? My mother has been suffering for 20 years of abuse from my relatives just so they could hog all of my grandparents money since they died, and yet she is still nice enough to give them money only for them to stab her in the back and do bad things. My aunt was wallowing in so much money she could have used it for business but instead got squandered it away on useless things just like that. If only they would have appreciated what was given to them and not always depending on people all the time things would have been clearer not just for my family but for my relatives as well. Everytime my aunt gets taken to the hospital my relatives go door to door just so they could take advantage of the money that was given to them and not really take her to the doctor. My aunt visited on the 23rd all skinny feels like she was about to die just taking a step on our door, I mainly tried to say that my mom has no money and that we can't possibly give her anything as of now but given her greedy nature decided to go up to my mom's room which gave her a fright and looking at what my aunt's current state of health decided to just give her what cash we had left only for them to not be contented with what we gave still searching for more until the crack of dawn. Morning soon arrived my mom decided to buy some food for my aunt and only for my aunt not for those moneygrubbing scoundrels called my relatives on my mother's side of the family which only ties they know is money not blood. We passed by her house but she was already broken, all shred of sanity lost due to her inability to support herself, she lost hope on life itself. Arl was asked by my cousin if he wants to work with him only to be shut out with a smug look on his face like the useless punk that he is feeling all high and mighty. If I was there I could have taken his head off right then and there for being just a careless punk. And so ends a day with sorrow having a relative being like that but its all just how life gives us challenges and we have to overcome it never lose hope for that is why we are human.The aunt Pilar I'm talking about is the one on the right next to my mom

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