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As of to start I should tell something about myself.A simple introduction could do,I don't know if it's going to be simple but deal with it.Im not a professional writer but I love writing and  I am willing to know more about writing,being on bitlanders is an opportunity I wanted to see how reading and writing blogs could help me.

After welcoming the new year(2018) Im thinking of something change in my life because it's so terrible,melodramatic,and too painful on the past year(2017).As new year comes I was hoping for a change.To get rid of the bitterness in me and to forget what had happened in the past.

Luckily I found bitlanders,well I found some extra hobby that I could spend my time and that could take my mind away from the world Im in.As a first timer here I really find it interesting and somewhat challenging.

Image credits:zen'sky30 via bitlanders

This was one of my daily earnings on the past days but it got higher as of now.Thanks to your blogs for beginners like me it helped a lot.This is my advice to beginners like me;sometimes we need to learn things on our own in this way we've got to develop ourselves and don't get to excited mistakes ends up with regrets before making a move try to read,reading is good.Search for informations and don't forget to read the FAQS.You might end up like me who wasted free submit reviews and until now still regretful.

My Home place;

I am a proud filipino citizen in my country.My country (Philippines) can be poor in money but rich in nature and as long as  we never forget to view life perfectly, love our home as a family, and to never forget to respect each other and find ourselves a strong bond of relationship,I'll continue to love and be proud of the place I live in for my country will always be my home.


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 My home,Benguet is in the philippines northern part of luzon.One of the places in CAR (Cordillera  Administrative Region).

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I live on top of a mountain surrounded with mountains and mostly pine trees.The place is peaceful but sometimes the people who lived is a pain to the beauty of the place.Somewhat funny to me but true we are all relatives in our community some see it that way and some don't when people attain success and fortune relatives are not relatives anymore.But Im not generalizing I just said some.

My Family is my Home;


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People may not seem to understand each other sometimes but still we share happy moments together.As a community we still talk with each other,smile with each other,embrace each other,help each other and play with each other.The good thing is we all come together as one community during celebrations most specially on welcoming 'New Year' and probably this is the moment where we don't need to look back in the past where arguments and misunderstandings took place.Our very best moment to forget and forgive one another because as a community we are family.


My own view of life;

How you

view life

is part of


defines you.



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 I have always wanted to view life like this because I wanted a simple and ordinary life.Attain freedom in a good way and simply being who you are.

But things can't turn out that way anymore in this world 'life is not that simple' all the challenges,trials,pains ;and negativity of life,it brings darkness not only on the outside but also on the inside.Sometimes you can't be who you are because of certain circumstances and situations of life.But despite all this theres the fact that;

I see the world

cruel but

I view life

beautifully and wonderfully


because of the joy and happiness

it brings,

the love it holds

and the

goodness within.




How I interact with people:


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 Communication is something we need in our daily life.To be able to survive we need to socialize,a stable and wonderful communication between ourselves and others.

I don't socialize that much mostly if it doesn't concern me nor I have no interest at all.I don't want to be fake with anyone pretending to listen to what they are talking about.It's not that Im so unrespectful or without concern but because I don't go with trends and I don't Idolized people such as actors and actresses but making them as an inspiration and example could do.It's kind of creepy to me when I saw youths on tv screaming and even fainting when they saw their Idols.No offense it's their or your own personality I'd accept that.

 We view the world differently the same through as having different personalities.We all have our own story to tell that sometimes in this world(aside from God) we are the only one who can understand.

My own way of interacting

with people is by

respecting them

having my own way of telling

"I may have my own story,so do you

it might be the opposite of my own story

but I will respect yours for your story reflects

who you are.

This is my way of telling that I care,

to hear from others story

no matter how tragic or painful it might be

nor how wonderful and joyful it is

I am always willing to listen." 



What I want in life;


1.The exact freedom:

Of all the pain I felt on the past year(2017) I have always felt like I was chained,totally locked up.My strong desire of getting freed have caused me in the wrong direction.Depression was overcoming me,I thought that ending my life was the only way but I can't do it 'I can't kill myself'.I could hardly feel the fear,as I feel fear I can feel pain deeply inside and my mind flooded with unwanted and unknown memories.I couldn't possibly share the exact story because Im not ready but I know one day I will.And Im thankful Im still alive writing this blog sharing what I can share.


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The exact freedom that I hope for doesn't come that easy it will take a long distance of journey.Journey with a strong sense of mind,a heart filled with love,a strong foundation of faith,an unending hope, and a courage to go on.


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This year (2018) I was happy to realize that life is precious and life is worth living for.Everything happens for a reason and one way to simply gain your first step to freedom is by accepting everything,accept the pains that comes in your life.Pains come with lessons it builds you.We should learn to move on.Moving on isn't about forgetting it's about letting go.

God does








2.To Live:

 So Im trying my best to go on and start my journey.People might say Im lonely and alone.Hiding myself in the dark and shutting myself out to the world  but they are wrong.I am not alone and I will never be alone.I am never going to hide in the dark ever again.On those moments that I am suffering and almost falling apart,drowning from my own tears someone pick me up and told me to "step into the light" and so I did.


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Someone gave me the reason to live,to hope,to rise up,to fight,to go on in life,and to live with a purpose.I've become a believer,believing that I can make every step remarkable and make my way through life.Because life is precious and in this world we only have that one life.

Once you've

made the decision

to move on,

don't look back.

You will never find

your future

in the

rear view mirror.



Try to live you just need to open your eyes and see what you have been missing.Don't be afraid God is with us.



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