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A usual tragedy is a unexpected irresistible and unexpected occasion. There are many natural disasters that can endanger life and belongings, some of them are volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, explosions and avalanches, etc, These are the effect of natural occurrence and smack without caution. Some disasters are more stern than others. Some can carry more harm to the earth, life and property.

An huge earthquake struck the northern region of Pakistan on Saturday October-8, 2005, at 8:51 a.m.

It caused extensive devastation in many areas of Azad Kashmir, KPK, and India’s western and southern Kashmir. Its epicenter was 90 Km north-northeast of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Its scale was calculated to be 7.6 at Richter Scale. This was the deadliest earthquake in the recent history of the sub-continent. According to intelligence, more than 73,000 people died and almost 2.8 million became dispossessed. The chief affected towns in Pakistan were Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Rawlakot and Balakot. In addition, Islamabad, Shinkiari, Batgram, Mansehra were also injured. Thousands of bodies lay buried under the enormous plenty of debris.

Govt. agencies and NGOs made every attempt to bring release provisions to the exaggerated people, effectual relief work started at once in the earthquake hit area. The salvage teams were worried about the safety of the affected people. Pakistan Army, social personnel, students and people from every walk of life reached the overwhelmed areas without any loss of time. First aid, dry ration, clean drinking water and cooked food was provided. Mobile field hospitals saved many lives. The fresh earthquake is not the first devastating event in the state.

dreadful mud volcanoes followed the earthquake. The houses in outlying villages were totally wiped out. It took fairly a long time to recover the people and rebuild the hurt buildings and roads. Disaster management can best be handled by local society.










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Volunteers take vigorous part in such situations; there is a great need for regular disaster management preparation to bring consciousness among people.

            The extensive disasters can be averted by timely management.












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