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I was seven years old then. One night I was sleeping with my mom along with my other sisters. All of a sudden I woke up in the midnight. There was no electricity in our house at that time. The flame of the candle was burning dimly. All of a sudden I saw a girl about the age of fourteen, with curly hairs and large eyes standing very near the bed and she was staring at me. I also kept staring at her and could not remove my eyes. My throat chocked with fear. Even after trying a lot I could not call my mother. Few moments went by like this. All of a sudden I cried out. With my cry, I felt the girl disappeared under the bed. My mother woke up and asked me what happened. I told my mother whatever I had seen. My mother started searching below the bed and the entire room, but could not see anything. Everybody thought that it was an illusion of my eyes. Today I am sixty years old but still today I cannot forget those eyes.

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