A useful experience I got from The "So called Humans"

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It does feel sad when things change all of a sudden in our lives and it does not matter if it is small or big, it makes us feel down, sad and not happy at all anyways, that is the point when you start thinking about what is the reason, some times we do find out at “most of the times” it was our fault and we are the reason for that change. But deep inside if you think really deeper it is not us it is people who we allow to do what ever they want whenever they want, they trough sadness and madness in to our lives and in into our minds and WE ALLOW THEM. We allow and even encourage them to trough garbage into our lives and into our minds. They are the ones that needs to be blamed cause you don’t even know, and they have the power to give you a reason to get angry and mad, and crazy and then they blame you, and you will have to get back to them and say sorry, which is so sad. You become a puppet or a LOSER, and the in one point it is our fault because we allow these “So called Humans” into our lives and every thing changes right after that really small “but big point”.  

All these “so called humans” keeps telling you to stay away from bad things, violence, bad people, your friends, they advice you how to live…

Well, I say stay away from “them” the so called humans, who appears to care for you, who appears to love you and appears to be there for you when you need them and so on.

 They are miserable, they complain, they gossip, they are angry, THEY DRAIN YOU, the make you believe you are the problem, they turn you down, they are not there when you feel alone, when you feel sad, and when you feel you need them, the turn their back to you. BUT that is their problem not yours. We cant fix them, no matter how hard and how long we try to. So lets stop trying to fix them, lets fix ourselves and become an example for them, so politely lets give ourselves some space from them, or else we will end up just like them. A loser. Keep hanging out with losers and you we will pick their qualities and we will become one.


Hang out with those who encourage you, and empower you, to become the best version of your beautiful self. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!!! AND YOU DESERVE TO BE “YOU”!!!! YOU LIVE ONCE, LIVE IT THE WAY “YOU” WANT TO, NOT HOW THESE “SO CALLED HUMANS” DOES!!


"Fake friends, negative friends, aint no body got time for them”





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Zarlasht Sarmast is a young independent TV/Film producer and journalist and women’s rights activist born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. She started her television career at the age of 11 in 2006 presenting and producing radio segments for the “Powerful Youth”, a programme broadcasted at RTA (Radio Television Afghanistan) radio…

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