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Mother Teresa - The Life of A Healer…
This coolest drum line band will leave…
Artículo 4
God's Name in Vain
4 crazy chicken chicks part 2
crazy chicken chicks
HUMAN - Starring Sasha Marini
#InTheLab w The Fray
Declaration of Human Rights
#InTheLab w Cheryl Hines
#InTheLab at the RFK Ripple of Hope…
Violence against Women
2nd Edition of Human Rights Film Festival…
Interview with Sahra Musavi, Development…
Matthew Macfadyen Talks About “Anna…
Foley Sound Effects For Film
The Making of 'Future Human'
Michael Sweeney on G.I.V.E. and Veteran…
Sleep Issues for Parents of Young Children…
A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation…
Silent Journey
Captain America: The First Avenger…
Chris Evans Talks About CAPTAIN AMERICA:…
Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter) Talks…
Director Joe Johnston Talks About CAPTAIN…
Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes) Talks…

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Fun Facts of our Body


These are fun facts of our Body that every one will agree about, and trying these facts out will me more then just fun so lets get……

by imi_kk

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What Is Global Warming?


Global warming is the term used for the rise of average century scale rise of temperature in the earth's climate system and its related……


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Human Tissues


Tumor BioSpecimen TypesThe following tumor types are readily available from our BioBank: Breast Carcinoma (All Types) Brain tumors……

by Elfalas-1350

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The term biology is derived from the Greek word βίος, bios, "life" and the suffix -λογία,……

by rohanjale12

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Human Modern humans (Homo sapiens, primarily ssp. Homo sapiens sapiens) are the only extant members of Hominina clade (or human clade),……

by vicky-98

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Human Of Pakistan

Arslan Warsi

"We wanted to make our 10th wedding anniversary a memorable one so we decided to celebrate it on the roads of Pakistan, while exploring……

by arslankiani

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Human brain


  The human brain works as a binary computer , and only zeros and accurate based on the information ( black and white ), or those……

by usamaqamar

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Human Heart

Toshi Warraich

Human Heart The heart is the body's engine room, responsible for pumping life-sustaining blood via a 60,000-mile-long (97,000-kilometer-long)……

by toshi-warraich

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Sickness and health

Abid Khan

  Sickness and health Disease and health in human life comes, but in every situation a person should thank Allah. Health When……

by abid-khan

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Dress Code

Tran Huy

  Employed by the human-development center of a corporation in the Midwest, a woman trained employees in proper dress codes and……

by tran-huy-5194

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Asperger Symptoms

faizun nesa

What's such a syndrome-Well it is labeled to be a development disorder in which has effects on how the human brain purpose, exactly……

by Akr3

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human type

Muhamad Misbah Maoludin

Ever since humans were created and sent on earth,they fell under one of three types:There are those who knew their true purpose and……

by proleverage

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Human & earth


Ever since humans were created and sent on earth,they fell under one of three types:There are those who knew their true purpose and……

by dhelia

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love is good

Tanvir Ahmed

To love is good, too: love being difficult. For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks,……

by romanticboy167

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All forms of Terrorism


All forms of Terrorism/fanaticism and its related groups that kill/harm innocent human beings anywhere around the world in the name……

by Afwebco

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Funny Quote

Wu Ming Shi

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.~ Albert Einstein

by 4xyz

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Quote of Baby

Wu Ming Shi

When you meet chimps you meet individual personalities. When a baby chimp looks at you it's just like a human baby. We have a responsibility……

by 4xyz

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Hứa Chí Thành

Passion includes physical attractiveness and sexuality. Human emotions like love is when immersed in music, melodious as the voice……

by ThanhLan

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Eulene Cal

Homosexuality occurs naturally everywhere, not just in humans but also in other species of animals. It's not "unnatural". And as we……

by eulene-cal

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Joke : Job Interview

Wu Ming Shi

Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources Officer asks a young engineer fresh out of the Massachusetts Institute of……

by 4xyz

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"" LINES ""


This is a small optimistic poem about life. Emily has put forward that life is based on struggle. This struggle leads human beings……

by DarkKhan

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""Water Ballad""


Water Ballad is simply a long song composed by S.T.Coleridge. It is a ballad as it tells a tale that appeals to the emotions of the……

by DarkKhan

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Strategies of HRM


A human resource management strategy is a plan that overall leads to the implementation of specific HRM areas. HRM strategies are……

by Zarrak-Khan

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What is life


      What is life =Each person takes a life of its own Word is it really so hard to find someone that does not exactly……

by hi45linakary

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Globalisation means that around the globe are coming together, as if they living in the same city. It is also said that, today they……

by umairfilmannex

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Junk Food


Food is very important in life even in animal’s life. No one can live without food. Humans need food for grow, reproduce and……

by abraizsarwar

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RaoNoman Ali

It is fact that a human has some emotional feelings in own heart. Sometime some person hidden these feeling while some person display……

by sonia-gull

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Health is Wealth


Strength is physical and mental well-being. It is said that health is wealth. It is a great gift of Allah. A healthy person can relish……

by abraizsarwar

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Emotion Vs Logic

Mohammad Kumail Jawadi

Some people hold the view that emotion must be given priority than logic. when it comes to making decisions, those who decide emotionally,……

by JawadiKumail

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Education is the most important thing for a human being in today's life. These days a person without any qualification or bad qualification……

by zareenaaltaf

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my house


When a person becomes tired of being tired all day with my work is free House, a place. The exhaustion of the day away. It gives a……

by abrar007

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Knowledge and wisdom


Knowledge and wisdom are great for stairs or success in life.   Knowledge is that we could read from a book, and a man of understanding……

by abrar007

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Story of Kashmir


South Asian peace can only be achieved by solving the dispute of Kashmir between the two atomic powers Pakistan and India. History……

by zafirannex

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Knowledge is power

waqas sheikh

God create this universe and all humanity and also said to research all the worlds though the knowledge. A well educated person can……

by waqas-sheikh

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what is ignorance


What is ignorance? Most of the Muslims believe that the first enemy of them its Satan. And all miseries which occur with them these……

by parnian175

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Nature and Human


Is the nature against human beings?   If you decide to do something nature can not do anything to stop you, in the same way you……

by paradise94

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mudassar khan

Eye is the natural instruments for living beings. Its purpose is to observe thing .in different languages, it has different names.……

by mudassar-khan

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Machu Picchu

Tariq Awan

They built a wonder but they did not realize that it would only be inhabited for only a 100 years, high in the Peruvian Indies there……

by tariq-awan

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Ethics in Society

siyar hakimi

Ethics is he greatest motive force which reflects the human in its best from as ethics is the introducer of real humanity. the progress……

by siyarhakimi

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syed hidayatullah

Failure and success are the two different aspects of life. These come alternatively in life. At one time someone wins and other loses……

by hadilove

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noorzia osmany

Peace is a sacred phenomenon. peace bring fortune and luck and paves the way for progress,development,and uplift. The sabilization……

by noorzia

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Animal Rights

yasar asekzai

Animal Rights Nowadays that human right is not following in some of countries, and human right is being like a rule and adopted to……

by yasar-asekzai

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Soniya Akbarzade

ethics is he greatest motive force which reflects the human nature in its best form as rthics is the introducer of real humanity.……

by SoniyaAkbarzade

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I’m jobless!


I’m not only, my friends, and all Afghan’s youth are jobless. Why are we jobless? Why we can’t find our favorite……

by mohmmadelyas

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    All human are parts of the same body While in essence of creation ought to be one When a member of the body is in pain……

by sadaqatsadiq

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John Hsu

 I always found the samurai perception of death quite fascinating since the code and concept of bushido or seppuku is so nonchalant……

by john-hsu

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Hope Devote

 One little ride that I have always wanted to go on and hope to at some point in the very near future is on a hot air balloon.……

by sky-ish

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The worst thing that we can mention is human casualties of war in Afghanistan. Thousands people were killed and thousands lost their……

by zakertanha

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Afghan Women

Baher Tabibi

Women in Afghanistan are subject to many forms of violence and prejudice. In this country in which women’s rights are given……

by SBT

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Hurricane Sandy

Sem Maltsev

Today is Friday,November 2, 2012. I am looking back what happened on the past week.Of course the biggest thing is Hurricane Sandy……

by SemMaltsev

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