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Lack of unity among the Muslim countries over the years has proved to be the major internal challenges faced by Muslim Ummah as is evident from Iraq Iran conflict,Iraq Kuwait conflict and the current Pak-Aghan crisis.Such conflicts have resulted into trust deficit among the Muslim countries.Not only this,the inter state clashes conflict within OIC ,Shia Sunni clash,foreign policy difference and influence of west ,territorial disputes are main factors behind lack of unity.This has led to weaken OIC and hindered its way to develop itself as vibrant as European Union .

Another problem that plagues the Muslim world is lack of democracy. Most of the Muslim countries lack true democracy .They have either autocratic or monarchic leadership prevailing in these countries such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia respectively.In some countries like Turkey ,democracy is a controlled version rather than true democracy,just to word off the criticism of the west.Such briltle political regimes in Muslim countries have resulted into socioeconomic problems such as human under development and lack of integrated economy.

Human under development is a major problem as clear from appalling statistics gained from different international reports.For example,according to the UN Arab Development Report: “Half of Arab women cannot read 15% of Arab work force is unemployed and it would be doubled by 2010”. According to Human Development Index: “40 Muslim countries have lower value of Human Development Index (HDI) than the world average .In the list of 57 high HDI countries,there are only 5 Muslim countries .In the group of low HDI countries,half are Muslims.

.And finally in the group of medium HDI countries,several Muslim countries fall in its lower range”.Moreover during 2001-05 out of 57 OIC member countries,47 that is 82% falls in the lower range of HDI ranking.It should be noted here that total GNP of muslims is less than France.Thus,50% of OIC population is poor and has become a liability.Human under development mainly due to inefficiency of resources utilization and these factors are closely related to internal economic instability.

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