Human rights in Islam (Part 2)

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  1.      The right of peace:

Islam is a religion of peace. Islam insists upon such state which is peaceful for its all inhabitants. No one is allowed to destroy peaceful environment and to spread terror anywhere.


  1. The rights of wife:

In Islam wives have rights over their husbands. Wives have rights of being given shelter, food and dress. Islam has told that wives should be loved and cured should not be punished badly over their mistakes.

  1. The rights of Husband:

Like wives, husbands also have rights in Islam. Husbands also need love and care. Wives should give respect to them and obey them.

  1. Rights of minorities:

Rights of minorities are also protected. Minorities have right to lead their lives according to their religions. They are allowed to worship in their own way.

  1. Rights of slaves:

Holy prophet Muhammad (P B U H) has also described the rights of slaves. Slaves should be treated and should not be punished over their mistakes. They should be fed and wore up like the masters themselves. It is the religion of Islam that has perished slavery system in world.

  1. Rights of Parents:

Parents have rights over their children. They should be treated very kindly. They should not be even scolded. Parents need love and care and kind attitude of their children.

  1. Rights of teacher:

In Islam, Teacher has great importance. He has rights just like parents. Teacher should be respected and obeyed by the students. Disobedience and rude behavior is strictly forbidden in Islam.

  1. Rights of children:

   In Islam, children also have rights over their parents. Children should be given each and every thing of their needs. They should be educated and should be loved and cared.

  1. Rights of Neighbors:

In Islam, even neighbors have rights. Neighbors should not be harassed. As a Muslim, we should take care of our neighbors. As a Muslim, we share eating materials with our neighbors.

  1. Rights of relatives:

In Islam, every relative has own right. We should also take care of our relatives.


All human basic rights had been explained by Islam 14 centuries ago while Human Beings are recognizing them today.

       It is Islam that made humans aware of their rights.


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