Nature and Human

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Is the nature against human beings?


If you decide to do something nature can not do anything to stop you, in the same way you can not change the nature for your benefit all the time. Of course in some situations you can change it. As human is the dominant and superior creature than any other living creature all over the world, he tries to control the nature sometimes. At last by the aid of the technology he could forecast the natural phenomenons and get preparation against them.

From along time it is accepted that the power of the nature is over human being’s. It brings lots of difficulties for human beings yearly. Specially for the people who are living in undeveloped countries, like Afghanistan. For example, flood destroys many buildings which are not standard, snow creates difficult situations for the poor and homeless people. What can humans do to stop it? Of course no-thing, they have to leave their homes and even they will lose their lives. In the developed countries also it creates lots of problems, for example, we have observed that American countries have faced with natural problems such as heavy snow, rain, storm and earthquake. They could not do anything to stop it. So nature rules on human.

When nature attacks us, we take risk and try to resist against it for continuing our lives. In such situations the nature is not against human, naturally it is brutal and it does its job. So human should be careful that the nature is brutal, and expects any kind of incident.


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paradise is graduated from Herat University,she has been born in Herat Afghanistan (1992).she loves literary writings.working in film-annex is a good hobby for her.

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