How the stomach work in human body and its importance for health

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Stomach are the store house of the food. It is present inside of the body of the human being. In stomach the physical and chemical breakdown of food where food is break down into small pieces and then converted into protein, carbohydrates,  fat and lipid.

In stomach the digestion of food is continuously takes place. The structure of stomach is j and it is present in the middle of the chest behind the liver. The stomach is divided into four regions and it has different function. The first region is cardiac region and the second region is fundus , then body and last region is pylorus.

The wall of the stomach consists of millions of gastric glands which secrete 400 to 800 million of gastric juice. There are three main functions of stomach. The stomach allows us to eat large number of food in a short time and then digest it with a longer period . Without stomach the human life would not be possible. The small amount of food is needed to the stomach every time.

The another function of stomach is breakdown the large fat and protein molecules into smaller then in food. The proteins and fats absorbed in the small intestine and stomach is release large number of gastric juice having a hydrochloric acid and other enzymes. The gastric juice having a pH of 1 to 3 , kill that harmful bacteria who are present in the food.

The water is the important components and very essential component of the stomach. This water can easily digest the food and has to absorb the other contents like carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. The material which is not digestible then they will be removed from the stomach.

If the unhealthy food intake the body then it is very harmful for the stomach due to unhealthy food, most of the people are indulged in different stomach diseases . In the stomach problem is start then it is treat first. This disease can be curable through medicine. the disease will not be curable through medicine then it will be treated with surgery.

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