Role of education in modern technology and make a country super power

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Today we talk about the technology of Pakistan and role of education in this modern world.First of all we say that education is most important thing for human because without this our life have no meaning.A uneducated person pass his life in a dark place where he can not see any thing.So education is a source of betterment.

Second thing, these are all technology that we see in our daily life around us is depend on education.Education open our mind and we can make different things by research and invention of different machines.Every scientist in the world get top education than research on different things in the world.

Today we used different machines that make our work easy,fast and more comfortable are the invention of our scientist that work day and night.In old times people have no idea about this technology.Their life is very simple and slow but after some time due to education peoples aware about this natural world and research on its things that how they work properly.

If we see Pakistan technology our country is a big supper power of this world.This mean Pakistan have a value on this world.This is all depend on education.The country in which large number of educated peoples are live and work their power are increases day by day.

But If see calculate the population of Pakistan,the rate of educated person is very less.We should concentrate on education for the betterment of Pakistan.

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