What should do?

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This Question in front of every time wants fear answer, according to the time and human minds or history and knowledge of human people tried to answer this sustainable question various, and this is why that this old question is even new.


Answering to this question can correct and incorrect the moving of every society right now our society is front with deferent and various problems, over viewing to the publication and  statistic show as a huge table of content of problems, having deferent idea for solving this problem make this problems more difficult to solve.

The truth is not sweet  our today society is front with problems indifferent field like political ,economic, culture and education, even now there is not a fear situation for absorbing knowledgeable and experts in our country .

Our society right now has luck of experts and knowledgeable which make national budget of our country, the insecure situation is another problem, burning schools are increased, playing with future of new generation is very serious another problem, the young generation making powerful arms of our country, for solving this much problems what should we do?

Finding huge solving for problems, making useful steerage, fear promotion according to the culture and increasing the population is the way that we can over come to this many problems. This responsibility is mostly belong to the knowledgeable persons and experts, and this is the responsibility the government and resident of country to pave the ground for knowledgeable and experts person to bring positive and useful changes in our society and country.

The knowledge is power, so for learning knowledge even waiting one second is not fear and good. We have to pave the ground for young generation to get knowledge, the government must establish and empower the education sector, making search center in deferent fields.

The universities must clean and far from political games, in order to make secure situation for students to get knowledge, the illegal emigrant is another problem in our country, we can over come to this problems by making factories and secure situation for young generation in order to decrease jobless .