Knowledge and wisdom

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Knowledge and wisdom are great for stairs or success in life.


Knowledge is that we could read from a book, and a man of understanding and knowledge or information. Do not automatically know they have to get it. Not until you know, except a student. Knowledge for success in life, it is considered to be very important.

Wisdom is that it cannot be learned without a get literate, good and bad experiences of life, cannot be taught, it automatically goes to get the school does not require study in a institute.

Ali says


"He is currently in his hand when human kind is bald."


Dr. Ashfaq sab account of an event that I had said that this is the fly from uncle  there are 3 thousand in the lens and it can see my son crosses words out, I understand that this will have a big influence on uncle, uncle replied even a hundred thousand eyes on the fly that damn dirt 3 . The doc said that I have the knowledge and the wisdom of uncle.

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