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How To Make A Gif Images ?
Tombe au Siphon - WorkShop #3 - 2010…
Update 44
Day 3 Update 3
Submissions ÉCU 2015 - The Bigger…
Dodge shot 1
Submissions ÉCU 2015 - Keeper TRAILER…
Afghan Traditional Dance
Finished Summer Task 1
Summer task day 3 v1
Final update for day 2
What is ÉCU?
Updated Car chase 2
2D Animation Final Piece
Expotees Advert
Updated Intro sequence
2D Animation second pass
Ghazal at CCKK Annual Dinner
MY student Ali Jan
Jonathon Ridden Showreel
LAST Chance to submit to ECU 2014
Zapping ECU
Let The Films Speak - Submit Now
Submit to ECU 2014
How Things Should Be
Beyond - Trailer
5am in Wolverhampton
Love & Lust
James Scholes 1st Showreel
Above All Heights
Building Schools in Afghanistan - Construction…
Violet - Behind the Scenes
Kawaii 5-3: Riley Schoolin'
ECUAD Animation Assignments 1998-2001…
ویدئویی با پیام الهام…
Gorko! - Submission to ÉCU 2013
Vena Amoris - Submission to ÉCU 2013…
Hollywood and the corner of Ben Yehuda…
Love at First Sight
Jonathan White - Showreel
Orphans by Dennis Kelly TRAILER
Wooden Heart
The Sky Turned Red - Trailer
Arrive 11 - Showreel/Sting
Jevon West: The Queen is Dead
Two Way Radio
American Patrol - Short experimental…
Illegal - Wronge Way
Now and Forever (Trailer)
Portfolio (2008) - Trailer
With No One In The World
Afghan Development Project, May 2012…
Henry (Short Film)
Lore the Game
The Sky Turned Red
52 Films/52 Weeks: The Hand That Binds…
Dear Father
Technology In Education (FiST Chat…
Beats of Love Trailer
1000 grams
Max Dear Boy
Crawl Spaces
Short Stop
None of The Above
The New Adam
The Crick
Sleeping Beauty
End of The Tunnel
How to Save a Life
Not Yet
(untitled past film)
Good Boy
Sub Shoppe

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Love you and Love me.

nang le

I'm a students, i were like very beauty full girl, and you? i believe that you too, so who are love you? i love, miss the girl friend.……

by nang-le

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Hello, Friends

nice pari

i am new in bitlander. this is my first blog. i hope this well be very useful for me to work. i am student of MCS. My Name Is Pari……

by nice-pari

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LATE Class!


One of my students was late to answer my call. And he's feeling tired. Then he asked me, "Can I speak slow?" Me: Yes, okay. (But in……

by eldiesreyneber

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My Puzzle


One night it was cold at midnight and I was in the middle of the street in the deep darkness. My eyes were full of tears and……

by Afwebco

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On Saving Money!

Mark Deen Santos

Saving money? It is the one of the biggest failure that some of the students can’t do. They are just wasting their money into……

by krades

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Pre Production

ayla harris

Hey! i'm going through pre production stages right now with my latest film 'Alice'   I've been to hell and back with trying……

by ayla-harris

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Student's Life

علاء الدين ميندو

BUHAY ESTUDYANTE     Ang Buhay Estudyante sa Kolehiyo                     Isang……

by -Norton

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My Daily Activities


I get up very early in the morning and offer my prayers.Then I recite some verses of HOLY Quran with Urdu translation.After recitation,I……

by jafsam

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I am a student

Nguyen Ngoc Tu

DO NOT WORRIED MOTHER!I've been a student, freshmen year of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and K37 Thai Nguyen University. On top……

by nguyen-ngoc-tu

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Muhammad Ahmad

The person who is under learning stage is known as student. Students are of many types. These are following: Students with IQ above……

by muhammad-ahmad-3852

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Back Benchers :D

Psyco Sam

Back Benchers The students who occupied the backbench seats in a classroom of any school, colleges or universities are known as backbenchers.……

by psyco-sam

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Student Life


Today I am going to write about a life which is the best part of everybody's life. Everybody has different stages of life. When a……

by Muhammad989

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Usman Javed

Do not read me because it is useless for you, to read me.It is useless as "someone singing in front of a "Donkey".Reading me is nothing……

by Zeeshan-Javed

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RaoNoman Ali

It is fact that a student can't busy in the education activities in whole the world and his mind tires after the very busy day. So……

by sonia-gull

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A Perfect Student


Micro + Student = Perfect Student Tuition + Student= Perfect Student Some attention + Guide Books + Student = Perfect Student Hard……

by MoudyBoy

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Script reading

ayla harris

I may not of had much level 6 crewing experience due to clashing time tables and other commitments but i did enjoy the small role……

by ayla-harris

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My self


My name is Syed Jaffar Abbas naqvi. I live in Haripur,one of the popular city of KPK which is a province of Pakistan . I am doing……

by jafsam

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Film annex

waqas sheikh

Internet has developed very fast in these days and it is providing different facilities via different ways. Internet offers communication……

by waqas-sheikh

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ayla harris

I have been thinking a lot recently and i've decide that whist I am a film maker i  feel i am more a drama film maker as i've……

by ayla-harris

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Weekend Shoots !

ayla harris

Hey guys so I haven't blogged frequently over the past few days I've been super busy helping others on their film shoots so here's……

by ayla-harris

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Knowledge and wisdom


Knowledge and wisdom are great for stairs or success in life.   Knowledge is that we could read from a book, and a man of understanding……

by abrar007

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Shoot Day 1 !

ayla harris

So for my next film 'Paws' I had my first shoot day today so i'm going to explain how it went ect. The weather put a down on the shoot……

by ayla-harris

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Live View Shoot

Tom Chimiak

Last week, I shot my first (longer than a minute) experimental short in just under a year for my masters project. The short is called……

by tom-chimiak

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Student's Indiscipline


One of the greatest problems haunting our country today is the problem of growing indiscipline among the students. The unrest amongst……

by Khanbaba

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What is GRE?

masood khan

GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination. It is a general required test for the students to enroll themselve in a university in……

by masood-khan

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Wahid family

sahel hakimi

Wahid familyHellow  , my name is wahid iam from Afghanistan iam afghan iam a carpenter .i have a small family . there are six……

by sahel-hakimi

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shahzad ahmed

Today my blog is about dreams.In this blog I will share with you very interesting useful informations about dreans.One thing happens……

by shahzad-ahmed-6415

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Zahra Arabzada

When is Eid? It is a week far... OMG!! No, I need Eid to be sooner. Did I forget to buy anything. Don't worry, you have everything……

by ZahraArabzada

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shakir jan

In modern times exhibitions form an important feature in all our national and international endeavors. Exhibitions have become an……

by shakirjan

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One year in...

Jon White

I feel like I've started writing a blog post on here time, and time, and time again - probably for the best part of a year. A's……

by jon-white

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