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Libraries are the assemblages of books and other informational material. People come to libraries for reading books, newspapers, magazines and other such things. People come here also for the use of computer. Libraries contain printed materials, films, sounds, videos, maps, recordings, photographs, computer software and other useful material.

The main drive of library is to provide contact to knowledge and information. To fulfil this mission libraries sanctuary a valuable record culture. Then they pass down this to coming generations. Therefore, they are a vital relationship between the past, present and future. People use libraries because it aids them in work. They also use them for personal interests. Sometimes, they use them for refreshment. Libraries help the students in their projects. Public administrators use libraries about public concerns. Thus, libraries are essential for learning and progress.

No single library can contain the complete information of things or complete education. Different types of libraries are present that give us complete knowledge or that fulfil our demand of knowledge. Public libraries assist all the people. School and college libraries helps student to get purge from their hard questions. Libraries help in investigation matters also.

Libraries play important role for the blow-out of education. Therefore, libraries should be arranged on large scale. The government should pay good attentiveness in this regard. They should earmark capitals for this tenacity. 

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