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The Student of the Year is one of the most entertaining films for the young guns. The levels of competition shown in the aspects are shown in the film. The film relies on a college in which all the students are enforced to be drowned under a level of competition. In this flaw, some good things happen because of the talents which come out and some bad things are also shown. The worst thing which came up was that the friendship levels of the people studying in the college ended up. In a sequence, Rohan Nanda was the best student of all terms in the continuing years as he had no one of his level to get competed with. The entry of the newcomer Abhimnyu Singh turned the table and there was repeated challenges which came up for him. Parts of the film were shooted in the lands of Dehradun and the other parts were duly shooted in the filming of Kashmir. The Sports actions taken in for the film of The Student of the Year was really applaud able. However the rule of the competition continues until one of the pals compete with others to win the crown of The Student of the Year. The levels of marketing were really very good and Sony Entertainments were handed over the responsibility. The all competing levels trimmed to perfection for the Graphics of the film. The film incomes a net amount of 71 Crore INR as a productions of Dharma Entertainments along with the Red Chilies Entertainment. Critics and ratings for the film of The Student of the Year achieved 8.5 out of ten regular votes. The main r5eason for which the film came through a success was the Dhawan Brand along with the Bhatt Brand Introducing Alia Bhatt.

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