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Today I've been tracking the 3 sequences from my film footage in Nuke so that I can add the 2D 'floating ideas' as shown in my Previs/Animatic. At first I was going to import the track data into Maya, and add 3D over the footage. I decided that this wouldn't give me the look I was going for, and added to the fact that Maya didn't accept 3rd party fonts when it came to using smoothing algorithms on them. From speaking to Chris Wyatt (tutor) he suggested the 2D text would be better in Nuke. So far, I've been match-moving the text onto the trackers and it's going really well! Attached id an example of the 2D text so far. I've decided to use a 3rd party text package called 'BEBAS', as it provides the style and look I want for the floating ideas. It also looks similar to the text examples I displayed on one of my moodboards from BBC's 'Sherlock', where the text appears in Sherlock Holmes' mind palace. 

I will be continue tracking & match-moving the 2D text and other compositing and I will post my results.

- Josh Docherty - 3D Modeller & vfx artist

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