What is GRE?

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GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination. It is a general required test for the students to enroll themselve in a university in a desired field after graduation. Basically, this test is designed to determine the student's ability in a general knack test and also measure the student's knowlege in his/her field of study. This test consist of three sections. The whole test takes 3 hours and 30 minutes.

1. Verbal Reasoning:

This section of GRE test measures the ability in analyzing the data given to a student. In this section of test, you will be given a written data, you have to analyze the written material or data and resynthesis the data or the information given in the data. This section is further divide into three subsection. First one is reading comprehension, second one is text or sentence completion and the last on is sentence equivalence. These three subsections consist of 35 questions each. 35 minutes is available for the completion of each subsection.

2. Quantitative Reasoning:

This section is most interesting and easiest portion of GRE than verbal reasoning. This section measures and evalute your skills and abilities in analyzing basic mathematical concepts. The mathematical problems are elementary. The preparation for this section makes you able to solve different kinds of problems related to your field subject. This portion is further divided into type of questioning subsection. First one, is mathematical questions related to real life settings and the second one is mathematical questions related to purely mathematical settings. 25 questions are given in each subsection. 40 minutes given for the completion of each subsection.

3. Analytical Writing:

This section of GRE covers the portion of testing your thinking citeria and writing skills. This section is divided into subsections or two tasks. Each task takes 30 minutes to complete.
1. Analysis to Issue Essay:
In this portion evaluate and measures your ability and standards of thinkings about a general topics and expression of your thoughts and ideas related to the given topic.
2. Analysis to Argument Essay:
This portion accesses or determines ones ability in analyzing a argumented passages and give arguments, ideas and an appropriate suggestions. For this purpose, one must have enough knowledge about different ideas and numberless topics.


This is all what i know about GRE test. GRE is one of the necessary and compulsory requirements for the American Universities to be enrolled. Now, some European Universities also keep GRE to be the part of admission requirement nowadays. But if you want to study in the best institutes of the world that is the American Universities, you have to fullfil this essential requirement. In short, GRE and TOEFL, both tests are the keys to enter in the American Universities. According me, reading and writing blogs in english in Film Annex makes you trained for most of the portions of IELTS (www.filmannex.com/blogs/introduction-to-ielts/89526 ), TOEFL (www.filmannex.com/blogs/toefl-or-ielts-introduction-to-toefl/90087) and GRE tests. Thanks to Filmannex that gives a best forum to students to earn and learn.

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