Success, Failure and Causes of Failure in a Student Life

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I m back finally back with my another content. I wrote it by keeping in mind majority. It’s about reasons of getting fail during studies. Most of the people agree with what I wrote but conflicts are also acceptable. It’s about what I normally observed in my surrounding.


What is Success?


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Being successful means the achievement of desired visions and planned goals. Furthermore, success can be a certain social status that describes a prosperous person that could also have gained fame for its favorable outcome. The dictionary describes success as the following: “attaining wealth, prosperity and/or fame”.

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Its importance can never be denied because no one wants to be a failure. With the birth of a baby, he grows up by hearing about his successful and bright future. His parents always motivate him that he will surely be going to be a successful person in his life. He will progress in his studies also. So, success becomes compulsory for him as he is always reminded to become a successful person. But it is not necessary that every person would become successful in his/her life. Some of the people or students get fail also whatever the reasons be. 



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"Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success."

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Failure is something that any one of us would not want. A student always wants to achieve a high rank in his class. Every student starts his studies with the dream of being the best student among all. But sometimes due to some problems he wouldn’t be able to do that. Some students always get fail in exams, they get used too of getting fail. Getting a low rank every time will not affect them. A student can achieve his goals; he can enjoy a good rank if he aims to do so.


Reasons of Failure

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Many reasons are there for a student to get fail. But some of them I m going to elaborate is:

Lack of attention

The foremost cause of failure of a student is lack of attention. If you want to achieve or learn something you must have to put all your effort and focus on that. If you are not focusing on something then you will never excel in that subject. Students get relaxed by assuming that, they would get good marks in anything without thoroughly studying that. This over-confidence of students causes them to face failure.


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The things they were supposing to be easy were difficult for them to solve in the examination hall. Listening to the teacher properly is very much important but some students did not pay heed to what the teacher is delivering in the class. Due to lack of interest in lectures, they would not understand anything appropriately at the time of exam and that led them to failure.


Involvement in other Activities


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The major problem with the students of that generation is that they are involved in too many extra activities. They are spending much of their time in extra-curricular activities or some of them waste their time in social media sites. Development in the technology and internet access has provided the student's  new things, that are good to use but in a limited time period. Excessive use of these things by ignoring your study time is much harmful to a student.

For a student, time is the most valuable asset but if it is wasted then that will push you towards the failure. Students will have to divide equal time between studies and their other interests. Too much use of mobile" target="_blank">applications, video games, hanging out with friends etc. can affect a student career.


Non-serious Attitude

The students that took responsibility with a serious attitude would always face success and development in their life. But being non-serious towards study or among different tasks will always lead you down. Nothing can be perfect in your life if you would not put all your efforts in that. Most of the students did not study the whole year and keep delaying their allocated tasks for long. This delay will put them in difficulty.

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Keeping yourself relax and calm by thinking that I will manage it easily will be hard to cover up during exams.  Being serious towards your responsibilities must be the basic lesson you should learn to get away from failure.


 Dishonest towards Themselves


“Honesty is the best policy”.

As it’s a well-known proverb. It means that being loyal or honest is the best thing you can adapt to make your life better. Similarly in the life of a student, being honest to himself, his studies, his allocated tasks is also compulsory. A successful person always follows the key of honesty. A student can take himself to the height of stars if he is honest towards his studies. Not only realizing that fact but also implementing it in his life is the best thing he can do for himself.

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When you want to become successful by following a right way it always helps you. When your aim is to see yourself succeeding in life rather than defeating others that are the best initiative. Being honest towards your fellow beings help them whenever they need you. When you are honest then success comes to you by yourself. You will never face failure.


Don’t have specified Aims

A student lag or fails only when he does not have specified aims and goals. When you don’t even decide that what is your aim, what you want to achieve then you wouldn’t be able to choose the best way towards a bright future. Specifying your goal must be the first step of a student. Going on and on without having a crystal clear aim would lead you to a meaningless journey

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Your aims boost you to work hard. But if you don’t have specified aims you will never consider that what I m going to be in near future after studies. A student should deeply think about what he wants to achieve and then start working for that aim. Students with blurred goals often face failure.  Failure can be minimized by choosing the right path for the right destination.


Lack Of Confidence on their Abilities


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Having confidence in yourself is the major aspect of being successful. You should have trust in your abilities. You don’t take yourself inferior to others rather you believe in yourself. Believing your energy and abilities would help you to perform much better even more than your imaginations. A student when start thinking that he is dull, he can't-do anything, he is useless etc. That thinking will destroy him badly. All his abilities are layered over his lack of confidence.

For a student lack of ambition and taking himself, inferior proved to be harmful always. Such a person or a student didn’t even try for a better rank or score. Failure can be avoided only when you trust yourself. Don’t focus on people if they demotivate you. Just follow your way put your best in your studies.



The major issue which pushes you back towards the dark and void corner is laziness. Laziness is the most dangerous habit. A lazy person can never be successful.  Being active with whole soul and efforts is the key that every known person follow. A student when did not study appropriately by wasting time in sleeping will be down in every phase. 

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Laziness is like a rust that makes you idle slowly and steadily. All your abilities are gone away if you didn’t make you an active person. The student shouldn't have to be lazy because it proves to be dangerous for you. If you are already lazy, then you have to overcome this habit. Success didn’t come to those who are lazy. It comes to those who try it, it comes to those who work day and night continuously by forgetting rest. The effort you put today in your studies will come back to you in the form of bright future.

 Lack of Parental  Support

Having parental support is the most beautiful and powerful support you can enjoy. Parents are the one who believes in you even when someone else is not believing in your capabilities. The student who gets parental support will always get success.

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Full attention from parents will be helpful for a student. The trust of parents gives you the energy to move on. You always wanted to fulfill what they are expecting from you. But in some cases, it is often seen that parents are not paying heed to their children. Parents are not morally supporting their children, they are not giving them strength. This behavior of parents will be hard for a student to tolerate. He doesn't find someone who motivates him or soothes him in any problem. This carelessness of parents will lead their child to failure. The student gets fail again and again because we don’t have moral support.


 Other Reasons

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These are few of the problems relating failure I have discussed. There a lot more reason also, but failure can be avoided and turned over into success if you focus on what I have mentioned in the content before.  Enjoy a good, bright and successful future by removing all these bad habits. Adopt the habits of famous and successful persons.

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